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State of Talent Management Report: The Always On Talent Economy

Radical changes in HR, from agile performance to analytics, will make 2016 a defining year in the HR world. Job seekers are gaining more power than recruiters and technology is becoming an ever present asset.


Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss

SilkRoad’s November book club selection, Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss explores the concept of executing stay interviews to find out what really makes your employees excited about working for your organization, and what your organization can change to keep them returning to work. Never lose your top talent by learning how to have this important dialogue with your employees.


Secrets to Retaining Millenials

Many companies can’t hold on to their Millennial employees.

SilkRoad conducted a survey to find out what HR Professionals thought about Millennials and what programs their organizations had in place for them. One of the most consistent issues HR professionals had was retaining their Millennial employees after they trained them and they developed their skills.


Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist

A Complete List to Create a Dynamic New Hire Onboarding Process First impressions matter with your new hire. When a job applicant accepts the position, the next steps matter. You’ll want to get the “new hire” to “productive employee” fast. The onboarding process drives what new employees will share with others and influences whether they’ll […]


Creating a High Performance Work Environment

Research shows that companies with the highest employee engagement scores deliver operating margins 170% above organizations with low engagement rankings.