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SilkRoad Cares About Your Success

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Customer Success Overview

SilkRoad is proud to offer unmatched excellence in service and support to our global customer base. We offer an experienced and dedicated team that has helped companies of all sizes – in a multitude of industries – successfully plan, implement, and administer talent management solutions and strategies.

SilkRoad Experts are Your Experts

From start to finish, our experts will work with your team on all aspects of successfully automating your talent management processes. We can help you identify, prioritize, and align your strategic business objectives with the appropriate solution, ensure that the solution is designed with best practices at its core, and rapidly deliver world-class business solutions that allow your company to focus on employee and business success.

Meet the SilkRoad Expert Teams

Pre-Sales and Solutions Consultants

Let SilkRoad’s pre-sales and solutions consultants team guide you through the evaluation and purchase process with expert insight into SilkRoad’s products. They’ll help you discover how SilkRoad products connect your people to your business success. Our team takes a consultative approach to help you determine which solutions and services are right for you. Start with a personalized demonstration, where a solution consultant walks you through how HR and employees will engage with our systems.

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Implementation Services

Putting a system in place is the easy part. Ensuring you have it configured in a way that will bring you the benefits of automation is where the challenge lies. That’s why SilkRoad prides itself on a dedicated team of implementation specialists with years of experience aligning technology with people and processes in hundreds of global organizations.

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Expert Services

SilkRoad’s Expert Services team was developed to help organizations and HR teams formulate and drive their overall talent management strategy and success. Our goal is to provide you with innovative thinking, an in-depth knowledge of SilkRoad solutions, and the resources you need to ensure your business goals are met while maintaining compliance and building your talent culture.

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Training and Education

The training team, comprised of SilkRoad Product Experts, offers a variety of training options in multiple formats to provide practical knowledge and useful experience with our products. Every option, from on-site training to the virtual Mondays with SilkRoad program, is designed to help your organization leverage our products to achieve optimum value.

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Communities and Champions

The SilkRoad Champions Program is a great way for customers to share their knowledge and experience with other potential or current SilkRoad users. Take part in SilkRoad events, refer friends and colleagues, participate in reference calls, or contribute to public relations activities to earn points towards free passes to Connections, SilkRoad’s annual users conference. Become a Champion today!

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