SilkRoad Agile Performance

SilkRoad Performance

Check-ins, Appraisals, Goals
Unique Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Activate Employee Performance With
A Culture Of Feedback And Conversation

SilkRoad Agile Performance is the simple alternative to traditional performance management. Activate employee performance with Check-ins, Goals, and Review apps to maximize productivity, increase engagement and align with corporate objectives. Plus, it’s the only solution that offers peer-to-peer feedback to expand engagement.

Increase performance management ROI

Foster continuous feedback

Create a culture of conversation

Easier for employees and managers to track progress on goals

Make your organization more agile

Fuel employee development and performance

Agile Performance Management Made Easy

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Employees can give, receive and request feedback from anyone in the company. They’re in charge.

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Set Expectations

Employees and managers create shared clarity on near-term needs and how they will be accomplished.

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Schedule Check-in Meetings

Employees and managers have direct conversations to discuss the employee’s expectations, feedback and career on a schedule that works best for them.

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Establish Goals

The easy-to-use goal creation tool creates goals in under a minute.

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Make it Easy for Employee and Managers: Mobile

Employees and managers can use mobile devices from anywhere.

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SilkRoad Agile Performance Wins Silver Brandon Hall Award

SilkRoad’s new Agile Performance Management solution received a silver award for the Best Advance in Performance Management Technology in the recently announced Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.


More than 92% of performance reviews were completed on time with SilkRoad Performance.


61% of companies polled cited regulatory compliance as the goal performance software has most helped them to achieve.


54% of respondents integrate learning and development with employee performance management.


41% of employees feel that their work is not recognized or is underestimated, SilkRoad Performance can help.

The Alternative to Traditional Performance Management