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SilkRoad Learning Features

Put employee learning front and center with the award-winning SilkRoad Learning Management system. Drive strategic talent initiatives with engaging media, while saving time, reducing costs, and reinforcing compliance. SilkRoad makes it easy to centralize, create, deliver, track and report on all employee education and learning activities, including knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mobile learning.

Offer One-Stop Convenience: Employee Learning Portal

Offer every employee a personal learning portal to develop new skills, launch courses, enroll, view learning plans, and connect with peers.

  • Create branded learning centers with audience-specific catalogs, coursework and user interfaces.
  • Mix online courses or combine e-courses and classroom training for maximum flexibility.

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Build Your Learning Library Quickly and Easily

Build your learning library the way you want, from basic to more advanced offerings. Access them whenever you want. Manage learning content easily.

  • Customize catalogs to reflect employee-specific training requirements.
  • Configure training by departments, roles, titles, or external audiences.
  • Handle learning plans, catalogs, scheduling, registration, and reporting effortlessly.
  • Deliver content consistently to all employees for self-paced learning.

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Automate Learning Processes and Tasks

Automate manual tasks to reduce administrative workload and increase productivity. SilkRoad Learning lets you:

  • Tailor the e-learning experience using rules and workflow tools.
  • Import courses using SCORM and AICC
  • Add courses from your existing content or from third parties.
  • Create and edit dynamic courses with easy-to-use HTML editor.
  • Repurpose content by adding SCOs into existing or new courses.

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Gain Complete Visibility

Use standard and built-in custom reports, to quickly identify gaps in comprehension so you can focus training on the most impactful content. SilkRoad reports are easy-to-generate, provide comprehensive views of employee accomplishments and support audit requests.Any report can be configured to generate at a specific time and automatically email a report link to designated administers or supervisors so they can keep up-to-date on training progress.

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Jump Start Training with Off-the-Shelf Courses

SilkRoad partners with Learning Content providers and makes their pretested and guaranteed-to-work content available for immediate use. Add specific courses to your catalog or as a complement to your training programs, such as anti-harassment, Microsoft Office, or other professional development modules.

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Ensure Learning Keeps You in Compliance

With SilkRoad it’s easy to avoid compliance audit “red flags.” Ensure that employees fulfill required training by monitoring compliance, assigning required learning, and approving learning plans. SilkRoad automation:

  • Assigns compliance courses based on four job-related categories.
  • Launch or schedule training directly from compliance automatic assignment and reminder e-mails.
  • Tracks compliance re-certification automatically, adding or deleting courses as needed.
  • Creates separate certification lists for specific or additional coursework.
  • Automatically generates and sends links to reports in email.

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Use Skill Observation Assessments in the Field

When learning assessments happen in the field post training, SilkRoad’s mobile-friendly checklist features make it easy to verify or validate how well an employee follows a predefined process or procedure. Simple and easy for supervisors to check off required skills and level of competence for processes such as medical protocols, engineering procedures, installation guides, etc.

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Advanced Learning Features

Add Ecommerce Training Revenue

Turn your training content into a revenue stream. Combine your brand with the convenience of eCommerce and an array of flexible pricing options.

Full Function eCommerce

Add Pre-Paid Tokens

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Take Advantage of All Media with SCORM/AICC Compliance

Import SCORM/AICC content and other electronic files e.g. Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Audio, Video, etc.

Add Blended Learning
Add Social Learning

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Integrate Learning with Onboarding and Performance

Make learning part of new-hire onboarding and integrate it with employee performance appraisal and development plans. Add training activities, such as product or workplace safety courses, and link these from SilkRoad Onboarding. Link learning recommendations to appraisals or development plans in SilkRoad Performance.

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Employees' usage of training materials at BenefitMall has improved to 95% participation.


The majority of companies (78%) had automated learning management.


HSI experienced 84% reduction in employee time per year training registration and approvals, eliminating a time-intensive, paper-based process.


Want to integrate learning and development processes with performance management.

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