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Robust database tools eliminate spreadsheets and stop the manual data entry madness.

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State of Talent Management

How Much Does Data Management Matter?

What’s the State of Talent Management?

More than 1,000 HR professionals participated in 2015 research report.

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SilkRoad HRMS Features

Stop the spreadsheet madness. SilkRoad HRMS, Human Resource Management System, provides a single system of record to manage employee, job and organizational data from one central location within SilkRoad Life Suite.

Manage Data Effortlessly

The SilkRoad HRMS was built for HR teams who need to quickly update, manage, and report on their workforce data from one single, secure database. Eliminate the spreadsheet “system of record” because Silkroad HRMS reduces duplication, consolidates HR data into a unified database and synchronizes it across all SilkRoad Life Suite modules. You minimize errors, save time and allow for easier and more accurate reporting.

  • Data entry, modifications and corrections via the user interface.
  • Import and export of key data including mass upload and mass updates.
  • Audit trail to record all changes made in the system, by whom and when.
  • Effective dating for key employee and company data.
  • View of data over time.

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Keep Data Secure

The only thing more important than managing data easily is keeping it secure. SilkRoad combines advanced data-security technology, data management and reporting functions. The highly secure, cloud-based architecture allows access and system updates to occur without disruption.

SilkRoad HRMS gives you wide ranging flexibility in how you configure your system security.

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Employee & Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS)

Manage employee data effortlessly with employee and manager self-service options. Save time on tedious employee demographic information updates. Stay focused on what’s important: people and organization strategy. How does it work? Employees and managers login to view and edit their own information. You retain control with override and audit capability.



HR Administrators

Navigate Teams Across Your Organization

Gone are the days of HR spending hours to keep the organizational chart up to date. SilkRoad HRMS Team Navigator automatically updates hierarchy, while providing employees a helpful organizational tool to review reporting information. Employees can quickly access contact information and connect with team members across the company. New hires can easily familiarize themselves with the organizational structure and their soon to be team members.

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Advanced HRMS Features

Stay Informed with Robust Reporting

SilkRoad HRMS gives you an out of the box library of standard reports and the ability to configure online data views that show you immediately what you need to know. You can also export segments of your core data to feed your favorite reporting system (MS Excel or other options) for further processing.

Reports Library + Configurable Online Data

Add SilkRoad Talent Apps

SilkRoad Talent Apps offer pre-integrated applications to round out your talent management suite, including:

  • Benefits
  • Time and Attendance
  • Compensation

This not only provides more flexible choices, it also lowers the total cost of ownership by only leveraging what you need.

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Core HR Functions

Benefits Administration
Paid Time Off
Payroll System


According to the U.S. SBA, the average business spends approximately 25% of its time handling employee related paperwork.


72% of users polled agree that HRMS is effective in protecting sensitive data.


67% of users polled agree that HRMS is effective in increasing HR productivity.


53% of users polled cite reducing HR manual effort as a primary value of an HRMS.

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