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SilkRoad Recruiting Features

SilkRoad Recruiting offers a complete, feature-full recruiting management and applicant tracking system to help you find, attract, screen and hire top talent anywhere in the world. You have all the tools you need to attract and engage a larger pool of qualified applicants, while reducing your agency and job board spend by as much as 80%.

Save Time and Eliminate Paperwork from Recruiting Processes

Save time and deliver consistency with a paperless recruiting process, while providing a high-touch experience for applicants. Automate approval processes – from job requisitions to candidate offers – by simply defining which specific approvers come next and in which order.

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Track Applicants, Screen & Hire Quickly

Accept online applications, uploaded electronic resumes, and automatically match skillsets. Then route applications for review and schedule interviews. Apply a consistent approach to any position with built-in candidate pre-screening questions and “Hot matching technology.”

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Drive Applicant Engagement

No other applicant tracking system offers such a customizable web experience for your career brand.

Easily configure your company career portal, customize it with video, blogs, testimonials, and more to differentiate your jobs and unique employee culture. Career portals make the difference with top talent (especially Millenials), who expect savvy use of technology in a job hunt. Applicants find it easy to search jobs and save searches.

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Access the Largest Free Job Distribution Network

Access SilkRoad’s unparalleled free job distribution network, reducing advertising and job board spending and accelerating your time-to-fill.

Through our distribution partners Simply Hired,, Glassdoor, The Ladders, and your openings get posted and noticed on thousands of sites. Mobile apply functions let applicants apply on the go, resulting in higher engagement and reduced drop off rates by as much as 50%.

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Stay Compliant with Employment Regulations

Stay compliant at the federal, state, or agency level with our best-practice HR compliance management tools, including Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC).

  • Collect and store applicant EEO Compliance data automatically
  • Search and track OFCCP and AAP compliance
  • Post on diversity boards
  • Collect and report on global employment data during candidate application process

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Roll Out the RedCarpet

Your offer was accepted, so it’s time to onboard your candidate. Just click a button and seamlessly integrate new hire information with SilkRoad Onboarding, the original award-winning RedCarpet solution. Tight integration means you reduce data entry errors, save time, and create a consistent experience from candidate to new hire.

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Advanced Recruiting Features

Leverage Social Networks for Recruiting

SilkRoad Recruiting offers a variety of social tools to increase engagement and sharing, while reducing drop off (that point where applicants abandon an application because it’s too challenging). SilkRoad Recruiting solves that problem by a click of a button.

Recruiter Share:
Candidate Share:
LinkedIn Connect:
Create a Following:

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Leverage Mobile Recruiting with Indeed

Go mobile with your applicants. The Indeed Apply feature not only pre-populates the users profile – it serves up pre-screening questions so the candidate can complete the entire application with a mobile device.

Leverage Mobile Recruiting | Recruiting Resources

Assess and Measure Successful Recruiting Efforts

SilkRoad Recruiting offers comprehensive reporting to quickly assess the success of your recruitment strategy and better align it with your business goals. Easily run any type of customizable recruiting reports, any time and from anywhere. One-click, dashboard login provides quick access to relevant information:

Assessment Details:

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Manage Vendors and Agencies Easily

Track and manage agency submissions. Seamlessly handle communication and submissions from 3rd party agencies. SilkRoad checks for duplicates and prevents agencies from submitting a candidate already in your system, saving unnecessary fees.

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