SilkRoad Activate

Stop automating process. Start activating talent.


SilkRoad Activate for the New Workforce Reality

SilkRoad Activate goes beyond separate, silo’d HCM systems to deliver continuous, personalized experiences for your modern workforce. SilkRoad Talent Center puts the employee at the center, activating and engaging your talent – from sourcing and hiring through onboarding, career development and work transitions.

Talent Center

Talent Management to Talent Activation

Talent Management

Automating HR Processes

Driving KPI’s & Compliance

Package Applications

Acquisition Development Silos

For HR Professionals

Closed Ecosystems

One Size Fits All

Only W2 Talent Roles


Talent Activation

Strategic Onboarding Focus

Driving Business Outcomes

Deconstructed Cloud Services

Continuous Engagement

For Employees, HR CXO

Open Ecosystems

Adapted to Business

W2 and 1099 Talent Economy

Personalized for Every Stakeholder

2,000 Customers Are Already Innovating

If you’re like our customers, you want – and need – more from HR technology vendors. More than just transactions. More than automating silo’d functions. More than posting jobs, processing resumes, getting new hire forms processed or payroll entered.

You want the power to be a true business driver. We can help.


Personalize the Employee Journey

SilkRoad Activate delivers the experiences, process and metrics that enable HR to create an equipped, aligned and engaged workforce. It addresses every chapter of an employee’s journey in a seamless user experience.

Talent Center

Go Beyond Traditional Talent Management.
Deliver Personalized Journeys for Each Employee.

SilkRoad Activate is your way to author personalized journeys for your workforce. This engagement platform delivers a targeted experiences by employee role or type that puts customized experiences, apps and analytics where people want to work.


Completed 95% of training goals before deadline!


Eliminated 50% of time from resume review and recruiting processes!


Made 95% of onboarding processes paperless!


Achieved 92% on-time performance review completion!

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