Ultimate Employee Offboarding Checklist

A Complete List to Create a Win-Win Employee Offboarding Program

Today’s departing employees have power, whether it’s sharing experiences on LinkedIn and Glassdoor or even becoming a client or contractor down the road. With the potential impact on recruiting, there’s a new emphasis on creating a positive and productive goodbye through a formal offboarding program. To get your program off the ground quickly, this offboarding checklist provides all the basics—from how to leave a positive impression to handling all the departure logistics. It can even be automated as a checklist in your onboarding system. Proactively communicate with the employee
  • Obtain & accept resignation letter (unless involuntary)
  • Confirm employee appointment with benefits team
  • Employee meeting with HR team to discuss benefits, paid time off balances, retirement plans and employment verification process and relevant departure policy (NDAs, non-competes)
Initiate offboarding process to manage departure logistics
  • Enter employee departure date in HR system to trigger offboarding checklist and alerts to key departments
  • Begin processing any outstanding expense reports, petty cash or other expenses
  • Begin processing of paid time off and/or leave balances
  • Begin processing any required return of signing bonus or moving/relocation reimbursement
Create a smooth transition plan
  • Notify team and appropriate stakeholders of employee departure
  • Provide employee with link and instructions for offboarding checklist
  • Provide employee with link and instructions for formal knowledge transfer
  • Collaborate with employee on list of current projects, internal & external contacts and other key information
  • Identify and transfer files, documents, emails, department app log-ins & other records to supervisor
Say goodbye with a smile
  • Schedule final manager/team lunch/happy hour with departing employee
  • Remind employee to sign up for alumni group
  • Conduct exit interviews for feedback either through online survey or in-person meeting
Manage final departure details
  • Remove personal information from company-owned devices
  • Remove all personal items from workspace
  • Return all keys, IDs, credit cards, calling cards, permits and other company property
  • Return all phones, computing devices and media
  • Provide reliable contact information (home address, phone, email address) for future correspondence (especially for payroll and W-2)
  • Settle any cash advances, petty cash accounts, fines and reimbursements
  • Move I-9 and personnel files from active to inactive
Ensure a smooth last day
  • Review the employee offboarding checklist with employee and verify all tasks completed in the system
  • Meet with key departments to ensure return of company-owned property
  • Meet with IT to review scope of employee electronic footprint and property transfer completion
  • Meet with key contact to ensure completion of knowledge transfer
  • Forward email/voicemail to supervisor
  • Ask employee to sign an agreement confirming removal of company data from personal services and devices
Close loose ends after departure
  • Reminder to send follow-up termination information (COBRA, etc.) to employee
  • Notify partners (outplacement, benefits/COBRA administration of employee departure)
  • Dispose/re-purpose laptop, computer and cell phone
  • Verify cancellation of system, building and security card access
  • Cancel memberships (industry), licenses, contracts (cell phone)
  • Remove from recurring meeting schedules; update org charts, company contacts, mailbox, nameplate
  • Ensure continued employee access to payroll and W2 information
  • Review of employee feedback given at exit interview for continuous improvement initiatives
By following this checklist, you’ll create a win-win departure that smoothly transitions the employee out of the organization and leaves a positive impression for any future Glassdoor reviews. Download the Employee Offboarding Roadmap [PDF]