Strategic Onboarding: Expand Onboarding to Employee Transitions

When most companies think of onboarding, they focus on new employees. A transformation to strategic onboarding can include all the changes that occur throughout an employee’s career.

Each transition requires checklists, training, reminders, forms, compliance tracking and more. You can take care of changing roles with the same onboarding processes and technology, including:

Transfers—automating the paperwork process and helping employees learn about the new office, geography, the team, transportation and traffic from a branded portal

Promotions—creating consistent, paper-free employee promotion processes, providing the policies of the new role and automatically alerting IT or office personnel for tech needs

Mergers and acquisitions—using the portal and task lists to introduce culture and policies, get forms signed, explain the M&A process and provide a channel for questions

Company Relocation—supporting moves down the street or across the country with special content that orients employees to the new office layout, a new building location, public transportation and other basic information

Offboarding—show departing employees that you truly value them by providing a custom portal to manage their departure as well as kick off of internal exit processes

To learn more, check out our top offboarding tips.

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Offboarding Roadmap

A proactive offboarding program can strengthen your employer brand, help you stay in touch with top talent and maintain a positive “buzz” about your company.

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Best Practices for Onboarding and Transitions

Strategic onboarding includes all of the transitions – or touchpoints – such as transfers, promotions, mergers and acquisitions, ex-pat working abroad, company location moves and even offboarding. Keep your employees motivated with these bests practices.

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Onboarding Customer Testimonial

Tenet Healthcare expands rapidly, lowers costs, improves day-one productivity.

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