Recruiting and Hiring Strategies

As the economy improves, competition for the best candidates will continue to increase.

But with the right recruiting technologies strategies and tools, you can:

Attract more top-choice candidates

When competing for quality candidates, an attractive career opportunity is only part of the picture. A cohesive, efficient recruiting process helps create a positive first impression to engage top talent and differentiate the organization.

Improve fit

These days, find qualified candidates may be easy, but finding people who truly fit can be a lot tougher. With the right mix of strategy, tools, and processes, you’ll more consistently acquire best-fit talent.

Reduce time-to-hire

Each step in the recruiting process takes time. Data from your organization’s applicant tracking system (ATS) can help you identify process bottlenecks and reduce the time-to-hire.

Work more effectively as an HR team

Effective sharing of information and communications within the HR team and with hiring managers can result in better candidate/job matching, process

Here are some key strategies you should incorporate into your hiring and recruiting processes.

  1. Cast a wider net – ensure your applicant tracking system offers free distribution channels for job advertisements.
  2. Hire loads of interns – test out the fit with a real work experience.
  3. Use accurate assessments –the best ones can predict a good fit.
  4. Give realistic job previews – candidates can often give a better read on fit.
  5. Let social networking find fit for you – sharing spreads the word.
  6. Involve employees in interviews – different perspectives provide insight into a candidate fit.
  7. Figure out your deeper talent proposition – candidates can be attracted by a chance to accomplish something worthwhile.
  8. Invest in recruitment software – technology can help you uncover quality candidates faster.
  9. Flex the job to fit the person – match jobs and people strengths for a great fit.

Ready to try these out? Read the full 9 Tips for Best Fit Talent.

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