Professional Services

Professional Services

Every HR professional in a services firm knows success is all about people. Here’s everything you need to create a successful talent management program:  finding top talent, onboarding processes, employee engagement, blended learning, social recruiting, and more.

Is Talent Management and HR Automation Right for Professional Services Firms?

Professional services firms maintain a constant equilibrium between cost reduction and projected rapid growth.  Talent becomes one of the the critical areas that can tip the balance one way or the other. This is where technology can support rapid scale. It can save you substantial amounts of time and money—and help you plan more effectively for whatever the future may bring. Whether that future includes finding the right people, building and retaining next generation leadership, or rapid upsizing or downsizing to meet business and billable project demands. More than ever, though, the professional services business depends on building and sustaining a high-performance workforce, especially if you’re serving multiple industries.  Talent management gets you there.

Can Technology Help  Solve HR Challenges?

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, highly specialized professional services companies need sharp, confident, and committed employees; people who know how to build relationships and generate revenue. In addition to managing client relationships and budgets, employees have to keep track of billable hours, remain compliant with industry certification requirements, and meet both organizational and individual goals. It’s a lot to juggle. As you prepare to face these steep challenges, here’s some help from SilkRoad’s resource center, including best practices, research, and more.

Finding Best-Fit Talent Quickly for Professional Services Firms

To provide quality services to clients, the process of sourcing, attracting, and hiring hard-to-find talent becomes more vital than ever.  It’s also important to find a good fit.  Hiring the right person helps control costs and contributes to the bottom line; hiring the wrong person drains productivity and money (estimated at 150 times an annual salary). Discover 9 Tips for Best Fit Talent

How to Connect People to Business Success?

For the biggest impact, a company’s business strategy should be connected to its people strategy.  These signs can indicate a disconnect: no input into the HR budget, last minute staffing requests, not part of the merger conversation and more. To strengthen the connection, check out Aligning Human Resources with Business Value.  

How to Assess Learning Goals Effectively Across the Firm?

With the right learning program and technology in place, your organization can avert risk and liability and provide the highest quality service.   Today’s best practices include blended learning programs that use a variety of training approaches, from the classroom to social media, and can be adapted for different roles and training styles. A learning management system can also manage, track, and report on all activities.  Explore Integrating Learning and Talent Management and How a Learning Management System Transforms the Life of an Employee

Top Ways to Strengthen Compliance Tracking

It’s no small task to track multiple certifications for today’s highly diverse workforce, which involves paperwork, employee communication, reporting, and more.  Today’s technology eases the stress, saves time, and strengthens compliance.  Learning management systems will manage, track, and report on all activities. Download Gauging Compliance Across Learning and Development to learn more. Take a look at our full library of research, eBooks, white papers, and more. After SilkRoad Performance implementation, employee satisfaction increased: More than 90 percent of employees say they are satisfied with the review process.”  Kearney & Company

Additional Resources

2017 Retention, Engagement & Branding Survey

Keeping turnover low and employee satisfaction high continue to be top priorities, so we wanted to take a snapshot of current strategies and trends with this survey. The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2017 Retention, Engagement and Branding Survey

Talent Center Product Brochure

Talent Center is a unique engagement platform that replaces traditional HR transactions with personalized journeys, delivering the right experience, content, or app at the right time. Talent Center is a powerful tool for improving employee engagement, helping you optimize your investment in people and drive better business outcomes. Easy and mobile, accessible where, how and […]

Sources of Hire 2017: Where the Candidate Journey Begins

The Sources of Hire Report is back for 2017 and is more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 14 million applications, 655,000 interviews, and 329,000 hires. The job market is back—and so is increased competition for top candidates.

SilkRoad Activate | Personalized for Every Stakeholder

SilkRoad Activate is your way to author personalized journeys for your workforce. This engagement platform delivers a targeted experiences by employee role or type that puts customized experiences, apps and analytics where people want to work.

Research Report | 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey

Recruiting is one of the hottest issues for HR professionals largely thanks to an improving economy and low unemployment rates. We wanted to take a snap shot of the recruiting landscape with this survey. The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey in January 2017.

Utility Companies: How to Improve Safety, Readiness and Compliance through a Learning Management System

When companies consider the benefits of a learning management system (LMS), it’s often focused on helping employees develop skills. An equally important benefit, especially for utility companies, is tracking employee certification, training and compliance to manage risk and increase safety.

Nucleus Research: Talent Management Technology Value Matrix 2016

The evolution of technology is moving talent management to the perimeter to hand purview over its execution to line managers. Functionality from vendors in this year’s Value Matrix shows how, and parallel advances in analytics show why HR can and must rethink its role in talent management – thus retaining skin in the game.

SilkRoad Talent Activation Cloud

Talent Activation focuses on the experiences, process and metrics that enable HR to create an equipped, aligned and engaged workforce. It addresses every chapter of an employee’s journey in a seamless user experience.

Video Tour of SilkRoad Talent Activation Solutions

Take a video tour of SilkRoad talent activation solutions. Complete just one form, and access our entire library of product videos—see how SilkRoad can transform the way you attract, hire and activate top talent.

Learning Video Demo

In this short video demo, you will discover the one-stop way to centrally manage, track, and report on learning activities, while providing an entire range of multi-media content. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of on-line learning, reduce employee training costs, and lower compliance risk.

Agile Performance Video Demo

SilkRoad Agile Performance is the simple alternative to traditional performance management. Activate employee performance with Check-ins, Goals, and Review apps to maximize productivity, increase engagement and align with corporate objectives.

Recruiting Video Demo

SilkRoad’s high-powered applicant tracking system allows you to source, attract, engage, screen and hire top talent fast. From requisition approval to “yes!” reduce your recruiting spend by 80% or more.

State of Talent 2017

The Big Shift in 2017—HR Puts Employees First. More than ever, today’s CEOs recognize the tremendous competitive advantage in a workforce that’s highly motivated, excited and tightly connected to business goals. Building a powerful workforce strategy remains front and center for HR teams.

The Employee Experience in 2025 – A SilkRoad Brief

In future years, the employee experience will emerge as a critical HR focus due to its potential to impact business results. Experiences need to move beyond engagement and focus on “activating employees” to outcomes such as greater productivity, agility, competitive advantage and the like.

White Paper: Talent in 2025

What will HR look like in 2025? Four HR industry experts recently shared their thoughts on the future in an engaging and high-energy panel discussion.

Impact of Agile Performance

Frequent feedback in the workplace is being demanded by employees. Recent research by Tiny Pulse, found that 64% of employees surveyed said they wanted their supervisor to check in with them at least every two weeks, with 42% of millennials wanting feedback every week. This white paper lays out a plan to create a culture […]

Calculating the ROI of an Agile Performance Technology Solution

Performance management processes are in a state of flux. The traditional systems we’ve grown accustomed to are being updated and enhanced to reflect today’s workplaces and employees. These shifts in performance management are not the result of a spur of the moment decision or a trend du jour. They are in reaction to years of ineffective performance management cycles.

Ultimate Guide to Performance Management

Are your employees contributing to organizational success? The Ultimate Guide to Performance provides the information needed to improve how companies manage and track employee performance, to ensure employees are aligned with the proper goals and objectives to increase business performance.

White Paper: Transforming to Agile Performance

It’s time to move beyond traditional performance management. Leading HR experts recommend getting started on a fresh look at performance management, emphasizing real-time, agile and a focus on results. Learn how agile performance works, typical cost and productivity savings, best practices, and more.

What Keeps HR Up at Night 2016 Report

We asked HR professionals to share with us the pains and challenges they face each day in effectively managing and engaging their talent.

White Paper: The Who, How and Why of Onboarding

Learn key findings from the 2016 CLO Innovations in Onboarding Survey, onboarding best practices and success stories.

Report: Seeking Agility in Performance Management

Learn why traditional reviews still reign as most popular but performance management change is on the way. An eBook, Seeking Agility in Performance Management, reports on the survey results from over 200 HR leaders in this important area.

Top Sources of Hire 2016: The Definitive Report on Talent Acquisition Strategies

Get recruiting right with the Source of Hire Report. The Source of Hire report is back and more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 13 million applications, 600,000 interviews, and almost 300,000 hires. The job market is back. And so is increased competition for top candidates.

Calculating the ROI of a Recruiting Technology Solution

Learn formulas to calculate how much you could save by using an applicant tracking system or a recruiting technology solution to manage your talent acquisition processes. Includes strategic guidance, practical tips, and recruiting metric formulas to lead ROI discussions.

Calculating the ROI of a Performance Technology Solution

Productivity gains come from effective performance management. This requires a system that gives HR, managers, and employees a clear line of sight into goal setting, the review process and more. Learn some of the key areas where you can increase productivity, reduce turnover, and decrease costs.