What is a New Hire Employee Onboarding Portal?

The employee onboarding portal engages new employees with a company's culture and brand message as early as possible after hiring. Many employers connect new hires with the portal immediately after the offer to provide an immediate and warm welcome. As the first vendor to provide an onboarding solution called RedCarpet, SilkRoad offers deep expertise on creating a best-practice onboarding portal. Here are 4 tips to consider in designing a portal program that welcomes, activates and sustains a new hire.
  • Connect your new hire before day one (accepting the offer doesn’t mean they’ll show up)
  • Go paperless—complete forms through the portal and turn day one into a productive day
  • Create visual appeal with a clear message on culture, values and mission
  • Provide self-service learning from day one to truly engage new hires
  • Offer socialization and mentor opportunities immediately to demonstrate commitment

Onboarding: Award-Winning New Hire Employee Portal In Action

Hired. Thrilled. An onboarding portal keeps that excitement strong by introducing new hires to their jobs virtually and inviting them into your culture before day one. Imagine this. Right after the job offer, employees also receive access to the onboarding portal. They discover engaging content: a friendly note from their manager, first day information, welcome messages, photographs of their new teammates, a glossary of company buzzwords and acronyms and the organization’s social, sports or volunteer calendar. It may include the employee handbook and other details about the new hire’s department and responsibilities. Everything the employee needs to get off to a great start and ramp up fast. To see a real onboarding portal in action, watch this video and webinar of Genscape, a SilkRoad Golden Portal winner.

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Onboarding Customer Testimonial

Cook Children’s Health Care ensures that new hires – and their managers – are fully prepared on day one. New employees, managers, IT and other departments now have what they need to get new talent up and running.

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