Onboarding: How to Evaluate Onboarding Systems

When you evaluate onboarding automation solutions and solution vendors, make sure you evaluate each across these 18 critical areas.

  1. How easy is it to add new hires to the system?
  2. How fast can you kick off the onboarding process after offer acceptance?
  3. Can content and processes be easily customized for each new hire by job, location, role, or other criteria?
  4. Does the system provide a company-branded portal that you can easily customize to your organization's brand, messaging and content?
  5. Is this portal easy to maintain without the help of IT.
  6. Does the system enable tasks to be assigned to employees, managers and HR counterparts?
  7. Will the system provide a way to report on and track completion of those tasks, provide automatic reminder emails and alerts when overdue?
  8. Does the system integrate with social media to engage new hires throughout the onboarding process?
  9. How well does the solution eliminate or reduce manual processes, physical paperwork, and postage required of new hires?
  10. Will the solution manage additional events beyond onboarding, such as offboarding, mergers/acquisitions, transfers and other employee events that require workflows, task completion, and forms/content?
  11. Is it easy to integrate or export new hire records to your HR system of record or the provider's HRMS reducing data entry errors with one-time data entry?
  12. Is the system a stand-alone application or can it quickly integrate with a talent management suite?
  13. Can the system help you pass compliance audits with proper tracking and reporting?
  14. How well is the system integrated with I-9/E-Verify processing and is it Department of Homeland Security certified?
  15. How easy is the system to use from administrative and employee perspectives? How much training will it take to become fully proficient?
  16. How comfortable do you feel with the provider? How well does the provider address any questions?
  17. Do you feel confident that the provider understands the security needs of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based software model?
  18. How confident do you feel that your provider will provide support, expertise, and care to make you successful?

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