Linking Engagement, Onboarding, Performance, Learning

Employee engagement operates as a continuum from new hire onboarding through learning and training to performance appraisal and back again.

Human Resource teams need to think of the onboarding-learning-appraisal process as a whole, rather than three distinct functions. With the advent of integrated HR software suites, it's easier to integrate these into a success path for employees, where each application works independently to accomplish goals but enriches and enhances each activity as a total employee environment.

The boundaries between onboarding a new hire and engaging that employee through performance and learning management are blurring further. As they place more emphasis on coaching and feedback, companies are developing a continuous learning model that begins on day one. Employees learning goals in the first 90 days of employment, through the onboarding system, then receive some amount of formal training coupled with a significant amount of expert and managerial support and developmental planning and assignments. These all play into performance appraisals that occur periodically.

Continuous Learning Model

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