How to Buy Recruiting Technologies

Advances in automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) and the entry of the Web have changed the sourcing picture.

With the right tools in hand, professionals can pinpoint exactly where applicants and hires originate—whether a job board, a search engine, a print ad, or a referral.

Automation can have a big impact in all these areas.

From beginning to end in the recruiting process, technology can improve recruiting effectiveness and control costs. An automated recruiting solution can streamline processes, strengthen candidate engagement, and improve internal communications.

  • Automated candidate management helps build engagement and a positive experience with notifications that let candidates know where they stand at each step in the process
  • Scheduling tools help ensure that appointments are kept by interviewers and interviewees
  • Metrics from applicant tracking systems also can be used to help identify the most cost-effective sources of hire.
  • Some solutions also help improve quality of hire with features like automatic identification of “hot” recruits for the position.

Automated Recruiting Solution

An effective corporate career portal or recruiting website is essential.

  • In a recent survey of job seekers, “company web sites” were shown to be the top source for job seekers (67%) and the majority (53%) say that web-based recruiting technology would positively affect their impression of a company.
  • By providing a unified brand image that reflects culture, plus more detailed job descriptions on the site, the company’s web site can help the potential recruit decide whether he or she is the right fit for the organization and the job.

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Every recruiting solution demo will be a little different. Regardless of the path the salesperson or solution expert takes, make sure the system you select makes you feel confident about critical areas of recruiting automation software.

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Recruiting Metrics

Obviously, HR and the corporate executives want to know areas of recruiting and hiring processes need to be measured. They get the usual list: cost-per-hire, source of recruits, time-to-fill, quality of hire, and perhaps a few more. The trouble starts as soon you begin to dig into actually generating this data.

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Best Sources of New Hires

Everyone’s talking about talent acquisition. Employers worldwide perform the complex act of juggling cost containment against anticipated future growth while coming to terms with an increasingly online, social, networked, and next-generation hiring marketplace.

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