Employee Engagement Results: A Case Study

HR teams at fitness companies must have employees who are engaged in having their customers achieve success.

A fitness company doing business nationally in the U.S. strengthened engagement throughout the employee lifecycle with the company. Highlights include:

  • How a personal portal aligned every employee on a single corporate mission and message vs. branch identities
  • Proactive communication about career growth through automatic alerts about position/interest matches
  • Employee performance engagement through better communication, expectation setting, and goal clarification

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Employee Engagement Strategies and Tips

Employee engagement changes the game for HR and their organizations. A successful employee strategy not only helps retaining top employees and supports incredible growth levels. For example, this real life story shows the results one company achieved through the power of employee engagement.

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How to Tie Employee Engagement to Business Results

Employee engagement mixes different ingredients, but the most crucial is trust that management will steer the organization to success. Surveys show that trust in management remains the #1 spark for employee enthusiasm and dedication. The perception that an organization offers career potential or ways to provide greater depth to jobs or responsibilities also typically rank high in employee engagement.

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How to Enlist the C-Suite in Employee Engagement

How are HR professionals enlisting executive leadership to be champions of employee engagement? Best practice indicates a wide range of ways to gain executive buy-in for engagement programs.

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