ATS Software Features Checklist

Be sure you’re learning everything you need to know during a recruiting software demonstration.

Every recruiting solution demo will be a little different. Regardless of the path the salesperson or solution expert takes, make sure the system you select makes you feel confident about these critical areas of recruiting automation software:

Critical areas of recruiting automation software


  1. Provides the ability to organize and automate the entire recruiting and hiring process.
  2. Allows us to easily and quickly add new jobs to the system.
  3. Customizable hiring and approval workflows can be created quickly and easily.
  4. Provides and manages online employment applications and forms.


  1. Offers the tools I need to create a customizable, branded career portal.
  2. Allows us to recruit passive candidates through social networking sites, etc.
  3. Offers a free job distribution network.
  4. Job board traffic can be tracked as well as reporting on candidate sourcing.


  1. Provides the ability to attach screening questions to the requisition.
  1. Provides the ability to quickly and easily search and match candidates.
  2. Easily schedule interviews for hiring managers and pro actively email candidate matches to recruiters (i.e. recruiter job agent.)
  3. Reduces or eliminates the physical paperwork required during the recruiting and hiring process.
  4. Interactive dashboards provide a holistic view of the entire recruiting process.


  1. Offers a library of standard reports including compliance and other recruiting best practice reports.
  2. Allows the creation of customized reports.
  3. Offers the ability to integrate with the HR system of record.
  4. Integration with background check providers is available.


  1. Easy to use from both the administrative and employee perspective, and we feel confident we can manage the system on our own.
  2. Robust functionality exists for what we need now, but there’s still plenty of room for growth with this vendor.
  3. The vendor provides support for applicants.


  1. The vendor answered all questions with regard to the Software-as-a- Service [SaaS] cloud-based software model and described the benefits to my organization.
  2. I feel confident that this vendor will keep me ahead of my competitors by keeping its eye on talent management trends related to a mobile and social workforce, and by providing a solution that reduces costs, saves time and resources, and develops a more engaged workforce.
  3. All functionality is offered in one solution, without modules and regardless of the size of our company.

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