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Life Suite Learning

Are you someone who likes hands on training? Prefer online or remote learning? The SilkRoad Training and Education team offers a range of options to meet your learning needs. 

As a new customer, you’ll receive a set of multi-session training courses at the beginning of the implementation process. The time involved depends specifically on the SilkRoad Life Suite modules you’ve selected. These online sessions are timed to meet your team’s schedule.

The Life Suite Learning Center provides another great resource for your learning needs. The center offers unlimited access to training videos, learning resources, and more information at your fingertips.

Mondays with SilkRoad

The SilkRoad Training Team offers current clients convenient online training classes, Monday’s with SilkRoad. You have the opportunity to attend these FREE one hour training sessions, twice a month. 

Mondays with SilkRoad sessions are intended to introduce best practices and reinforce more advanced features to our users. Sessions range by product and topic and feature everything from “how to” to “ways to do more” to real-world tips and techniques.

The training team publishes a detailed schedule of topics, products, and agendas for all upcoming sessions. Customers can access the Monday’s with SilkRoad Calendar at SilkRoad Support here.


Enhancements with SilkRoad

As SilkRoad LifeSuite grows, so do your training needs. The SilkRoad Strategic Learning Solutions Team offers free one-hour enhancement training sessions, which we call, Enhancements with SilkRoad. As a customer, you’ll also have access to our extensive Enhancements library of recorded sessions.

The live session offerings range by product and topic, typically scheduled around the latest release date. All feature the new enhancements rolled out with each product release, several times per year, to familiarize you with new features and functions. And, of course, how they will make your job easier!

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