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Strategic Services and Consulting

SilkRoad provides multiple world-class service offerings to guide you through any phase of your talent management software selection, strategy, and implementation, while helping you attain your talent objectives. Through years of working with companies across the globe, we have identified solutions that align with the most common challenges seen in human resources organizations. Our approach is designed to give you multiple options and provide you with a mutually beneficial partnership, with the common goal of your success.

Expert Services

SilkRoad’s Expert Services team was developed to help organizations and HR teams formulate and drive their overall talent management strategy. Our goal is to provide you with innovative thinking and an extra set of hands to ensure your business goals are met while maintaining compliance and building your talent culture.  To learn more download our brochure.

  1. Talent management strategy development
  2. Client readiness
  3. ROI projections and calculations
  4. Change management
  5. Technology optimization

Managed Services: SilkRoad Dedicated Administrator

At SilkRoad, we understand that HR is overworked and resource strained but still has to keep the workforce engaged, develop training programs, and manage performance, all while increasing overall efficiencies and reducing talent management costs. A SilkRoad Dedicated Administrator can be an extension of your organization, helping to fill resource gaps and get you on a path to success. To learn more download our brochure.

  1. System and administrative maintenance
  2. User adoption
  3. Release planning

Technical Consulting

At SilkRoad, we are committed to providing services and solutions that will provide a perfect marriage between your talent strategy and your overall business objectives. Systems integration, data management, and custom development (eForms, portals) are offerings we’ve designed to ensure our clients’ goal achievement, making everyone in the company happy and successful. Learn more about Expert Services Consulting Definitions.

HR Systems Integration

Our solutions offer robust interoperability with diverse service providers and systems such as human resource management applications, payroll, background checking, and other HR solutions.

By integrating the SilkRoad solutions with your other systems, current manual processes can be automated, saving resources and preventing data integrity issues that often arise when manual entry is required to perform a task.

SilkRoad has engineered a flexible data exchange model designed to allow with a wide range of HR systems to work together with our systems.. We offer several integration packages varying in functionality and complexity. The set-up of this data exchange is typically tasked to an HRIS or IT administrator who is familiar with such systems within your organization.

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