Performance Management Articles

  • Calculating the ROI of an Employee Performance Management Solution

    Most organizations and human resources professionals already understand the value of automating their employee performance management process. But more often than not, it’s a struggle to prove the business benefits of an investment in an employee performance management solution (EPM). As a small, medium or fast-growth company, proving ROI often takes more resources and time than what may be available.

  • Performance Management: 5 Reasons Technology Benefits the Bottom-Line

    This webcast will focus on using automated technology in your performance management process. Join us for a discussion on how automation doesn’t have to translate into an impersonal feedback session but can be exactly the breath of fresh air your process needs.

  • Secrets to Harnessing Powerful Employee Performance

    Join this sponsored webinar from our friends at Training Mag Network to learn vital, timely concepts to empower individual leadership that benefit the organization and the employee.

  • Goal-Setting to Maximize Performance: How to Get Your Employees to Work SMART!

    Join SilkRoad and our friends from HR Daily Advisor on April 29 for a free 60-minute webcast on how to set SMART goals for your workforce, so they can boost their performance in ways that best aligns with your organizational business objectives.

  • IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. - WingSpan

    After automating the performance review process with SilkRoad's WingSpan employee performance management solution, IFF received all employee reviews on time - over 4,500 of them!

  • IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. - WingSpan

    International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) is using SilkRoad's employee performance management solution, WingSpan, to automate the entire employee review process. With WingSpan, IFF employees are able to see all of their previous reviews, it saves managers and employees time, gives them information on demand.

  • IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. - WingSpan

    IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances, training manager was told that using SilkRoad's WingSpan employee performance management system "makes life easier." IFF is able to give managers and employees easy access to information. Everyone knows where their information is and how to get it.

  • Managing Performance: How Are Companies Measuring Up?

    We asked over 500 HR, learning, and development professionals to give us the skinny on their performance management efforts and how they are using technology to make them more efficient. Join us for this FREE one hour webinar and discover how your peers are using technology to make performance management a competitive advantage!

  • Calculating the ROI of an Employee Performance Management Solution

    Most organizations and human resources professionals already understand the value of automating their employee performance management process. But more often than not, it’s a struggle to prove the business benefits of an investment in an employee performance management solution (EPM) to executive management. There are many tangible and intangible areas where you can determine true the cost savings of an EPM system. Download this complimentary paper that focuses on some of the key tangible areas where you can increase productivity, reduce turnover, and decrease costs.

  • Manager 3.0

    Millenials are shaking up the workplace! Many of them are entering management roles now and they're communicating differently, tearing down the corporate ladder, and bringing a fresh approach to work. Manager 3.0 by Brad Karsh and Courtney Templin is geared toward millennial managers but everyone can benefit from the insight the authors provide, especially HR, as we navigate how to make our organizations most effective with this generation. Download a complimentary chapter of Manager 3.0 to get a snapshot of how this unique generation is rewriting the rules of management.

  • Performance Management Software Business Case Template

    Proving the value and the need to automate your performance management process can be a daunting task. To make the process as simple as possible, we've created an easy-to-use template that includes a section-by-section break down of the information you need to get buy-in. Download your complimentary business case template today.

  • Combine Performance and Learning for Higher Impact Employee Development

    Combine your learning and performance management tools to maximize your company’s ability to develop talent and ensure a successful future. Join us to learn how SilkRoad is linking automated performance and learning management to put your company on the fast track to a high-impact talent development culture.

  • Manager's Guide to Motivating Employees

    Most organizations realize that they can't completely control or change certain factors that affect employee performance, engagement, and enthusiasm for their jobs. Many things are out of the company (and manager's) control but it's critical to understand that there's a solid link between performance and motivation. Management needs to have solid techniques for linking these two and Chapter 4 of A Manager's Guide to Motivating Employees provides just that. Download your free copy today.

  • The Messy Link from Appraisal to Learning

    It's easy to draw a diagram linking performance appraisals to development. In practice, managers often do a poor job developing employees. Is HR doing something wrong? Not really. The process is just much trickier than it appears. Check out this complimentary eBook and learn why it's so hard and what to do about it!

  • Talent Review and Succession Conference 2013

    Join SilkRoad in Santa Fe for Doris Sims' Talent Review and Succession Practitioner's Conference. Stop by our table to learn how SilkRoad's WingSpan can be a great solution for your Talent Review and Succession Planning needs!

  • Kearney & Company

    The company currently has 450 employees, but finds itself growing so rapidly that the number changes weekly. With such rapid growth, the company found its needs and demands changing quickly when it came to performance reviews. Kearney evolved from being able to handle all of its performance reviews via e-mail and spreadsheets, to finding themselves overwhelmed with the process as it became inconsistent and disorganized.

  • Performance Management Software Buyer's Kit

    If you're in the market for a performance management software system, you've got your work cut out for you! Our performance software buyer's kit is designed to make the process as painless for you as possible, no matter what solution you're evaluating.

  • Life Care Services - WingSpan

    SilkRoad's WingSpan performance management system has taken Life Care's employee satisfaction with the appraisal process to 89%. They've also seen a 90% completion rate on on-time performance reviews. WingSpan has given Life Care the ability to send a message to employees that they are the most important asset to the business.

  • Lee County Electric Cooperative GreenLight & WingSpan

    GreenLight & WingSpan customer

  • Leveraging Performance Management to Drive Behavioral Change

    SilkRoad customer Cheryl Ramirez, Director of Organizational Development and Learning at OGE Energy Corp opens up about implementing positive changes to OGE’s cultural philosophy through the use of SilkRoad’s WingSpan™ performance management solution. Register today to learn how to leverage the tool to integrate your company’s philosophy with practical application.

  • Improving Healthcare Through Talent Management

    Healthcare reform continues to be a major media focus, but to those behind the scenes improving healthcare in the US lies in managing the talent that powers the industry. Join us as Debra Jenson and Thomas Boyle, SilkRoad Directors of Product Marketing, unite to discuss the results of a recent survey and share current healthcare HR practices and trends.

  • Fast Flicks: Giving Effective Feedback

    In this SilkRoad Fast Flicks video, Kim Chou, Internal Trainer, takes less than 90 seconds to explain how to give effective feedback by being specific, timely and balanced. SilkRoad's WingSpan supports internal working relationships beyond the superior-subordinate model. It's easy for employees to provide one another feedback on projects, painting a clear picture of each employee’s performance.

  • San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

    San Diego County Regional Airport Authority needed to implement productivity enhancements and workflow improvements in its employee performance management system-- a collection of manual processes that did not meet the needs of the organization. With SilkRoad WingSpan, they experienced a smooth transition to automated performance management. They were also able to deliver significant benefits, cost reduction, and productivity to the Airport Authority such as a 50% reduction in managerial time spent on appraisals and an increase in on-time completions.

  • The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life

    The Three Laws of Performance will show you how companies, both large and small, in different countries and industries, are achieving breakthrough performance both at individual and corporate levels. When you apply The Three Laws of Performance, you can learn to rewrite your and the organization's future, elevating employee performance and employee performance management to unprecedented levels.

    SilkRoad is pleased to offer a FREE copy of chapter one, "Transforming an Impossible Solution," which demonstrates how performance and how a situation occurs are always perfectly matched. By becoming aware of this and crafting the way you and your employees respond to one another, you can realize immense positive culture and performance changes.

  • TPC Group

    TPC Group is the leader in providing highly specialized lines of chemical products to major chemical and petroleum-based companies worldwide. As North America’s largest producer of finished butadiene and the largest producer of butene-1, companies around the globe rely on the company as their dependable supplier for hydrocarbon processing and other specialty chemicals. The company is the sole producer of chemical grade diisobutylene in North America and the second largest active merchant producer of high purity isobutylene in North America.

  • The State of Talent Management 2012: Forecast and Strategy

    Ensure 2012 is a success for your organization by arming yourself with a comprehensive analysis of the state of talent management. In this webinar, SilkRoad will share our 2011 SilkRoad Institute survey results in the areas of onboarding, performance and learning. Attendees will also take away a three-step talent management strategy for organizational success in the New Year. This is a presentation not to be missed.

  • The Value of Integrating Learning and Talent Management - Webinar

    Join us as Dr.Katherine Jones, Director of Workforce Management, Bersin & Associates analyzes recent Bersin research which focused on the value of learning and talent management integrations. This webinar will also take a look at the ramifications to such integration and current trends that include the merging of standalone markets, ultimately leading to one encompassing talent management system.

  • Performance Management: Four Problems, Four Solutions

    In this upcoming webinar, David Creelman, CEO, Creelman Research will lead both attendees and panelists in a no-holds barred discussion around four problems with performance management and four solutions.

  • Lifestyle Family Fitness - WingSpan

    WingSpan customer

  • Performance Management 2011: Insight, Tips and Tricks

    In this webinar SilkRoad will present the results of our sponsored 2011 Performance Survey which covers current challenges and trends facing HR managers, learning and development managers and executives today. Attendees will also take away of an understanding of how these challenges can me met using a automated employee performance solutions, in addition to a customer success story.

  • Pillars for Performance: Integrating Learning and Talent Management

    In this enlightening research bulletin, Bersin & Associates demonstrates that organizations which are highly effective at integrating performance management along with their learning and development (L&D) were three times more likely to have strong employee results. For additional information around the value of learning and talent management integration, including the rapid development of merging standalone markets download this complimentary bulletin today!

  • Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management: Third Edition, David A. J. Axson

    In his book, Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management David A. J. Axson provides a complete framework for building best practice management processes. Fully updated to reflect the events of the global economic crisis, this book takes a serious look at the way companies plan and manage performance-from the role of accounting to the skills needed to be an effective manager-including new technologies, techniques and real time management processes.

    Enjoy your free chapter from David’s book, "What is Performance Management," which takes an in-depth look at the elements of employee performance management and how you can better suit your practices to accommodate our ever-changing business environment.

  • Best Practices in Performance Management and Implementation

    In this exciting customer webinar, Kirk Hallowell and Linda Rumsey, Tegrant Corporation review best practices and lessons learned in the implementation of SilkRoad's WingSpan performance management solution. No matter where you are on you performance management journey this webinar has knowledge and key takeaways to benefit your organization today.

  • Managing Performance for Individual and Organizational Success eBook

    By implementing an integrated “performance management” approach you can create an environment which links assessments with progress and development, both for the individual and the entire organization. To learn more, complete the form on the right to download your complimentary research bulletin today!

  • OGE Energy Corporation - OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

  • Today's Jobs are Fluid - SilkRoad Performance Management Video

    More often than not, performance reviews are based on a series of job related tasks that aren't really related to the job. Your employees are flexible -- but are your performance and talent management approaches? Watch video to learn more!

  • SIRVA, Inc. - OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

  • Sirva

    WingSpan provided "...the best system ever!" WingSpan employee appraisal software is saving SIRVA time by providing a faster and more efficient goals and evaluation process for both employees and managers. In addition, the solution has given SIRVA a way to centrally manage employee performance across the globe.

  • Five Keys to Building High Performance Organizations

    Human Resource Executive(R) and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) conducted an important annual study in January 2011 to further reveal the key human capital factors driving organizational performance. In this Webinar, John Gibbons, vice president and general manager of research at i4cp, will: 1. Provide an exclusive first look at important new findings from the 2011 study; 2. Explore key practices in each of the five human capital domains of high-performance organizations; and 3. Discuss how leading companies are driving business success through human resource programs.

  • Lifestyle Family Fitness

    SilkRoad technology's employee performance management solution, WingSpan, facilitated an increased level of communication between Lifestyle Family Fitness' employees and managers, as well as improved employee participation in their appraisal process.

  • Louder Than Words: 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps that Drive Results

    SilkRoad technology has partnered with award winning speaker and thought leader Bob Kelleher, CEO of The Employee Engagement Group, to bring you a complimentary chapter of his newly released book, Louder than Words — 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results, outlining ten practical steps to help companies maximize employee engagement. In this complimentary chapter you'll learn key strategies to improve communication, at all levels, the foundation for employee engagement.

  • Performance Review Challenges and How You Can Overcome Them

    If you've been engaged in performance appraisals or 360 evaluations in recent weeks, you've been reminded of some uncomfortable scenarios that seem to pop up every year, no matter where you work or how good or bad the economy is. It's time you have strategies in mind to deal with these situations in a legal and effective manner. In this webcast, author and consultant Leila Bulling Towne will cover five common "ugly" review scenarios, discussing specific steps you can take for each. For example, she'll talk about the top performer who has applied for internal positions and wants to grow with the company, the struggling performer who is slightly aggressive when receiving constructive feedback, and the middle-of-the-road performer whose previous managers inflated her performance rating. With the valuable insights you'll receive, you'll feel more confident as you face performance management challenges throughout the year.

  • BKD

    A task force determined that BKD needed to implement a coaching program that would provide performance coaches for all staff. In addition, they wanted the technology to be user-friendly. "Our previous system was not technology-based, it was paper-based," says Hultz. "We wanted to automate and streamline the process." To make the new coaching system work, they needed a powerful employee performance management tool that could manage and consolidate all the feedback, yet be easy to implement.