Support 360-degree, Peer-to-peer Feedback for Complete Picture of Employee Performance

The SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) 360-degree evaluation solution makes it easy for organizations to score and assess an individual’s job performance, while keeping employees engaged and aware of expectations.

Managers and supervisors gain from the complete picture of an employee’s contributions through the SilkRoad Performance employee evaluation software. They can use the information for setting goals for an individual, adjusting compensation, and aligning their career path for maximum impact down the road.

The SilkRoad Performance 360-degree feedback tool:

  • Accommodates shifting organizational dynamics
  • Supports multi-rater assessments—giving everyone a say, including managers, peers, employees, customers, and project team members
  • Gives administrators control over employee evaluation while saving them time and energy

The SilkRoad Performance dashboard provides:

  • Configurable workflows on an individual level
  • A deep library of competencies created by an industry expert in human performance criteria and metrics
  • Tools to define high-potential executives for generating lists of top performers and help with succession planning
  • Social media integration
  • Average assessment ratings comparisons from different managers for context
  • Strength and weakness gap analysis using ideal performance

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