HR Onboarding Resources

  • Metrics that Matter in Onboarding Excellence

    In this webinar, SilkRoad and Brandon Hall Group are teaming up to explore the metrics that matter most in high-performance new hire onboarding programs. Questions this webinar will explore are: What are the most important metrics to measure in new hire onboarding? How do you gauge impact of a more robust onboarding program? What role does technology play in a high-performance onboarding program?

  • Sponsored: Onboarding: Engaging New Hires Early and Often

    Organizations typically pay lots of attention to successfully recruiting new hires. But they don't always follow through with the critical processes by which these new hires learn the skills and behaviors needed to function effectively at their jobs. The bottom line, however, is that the faster new hires feel welcome and prepared for their work, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the organization's mission. Conversely, so-called "quick quits," or when employees leave within the first 90 days, and early turnover, when employees leave within the first year, are extremely expensive problems for organizations. In this informative Q and A webinar, Lisa Rowan of IDC will discuss the keys to effective onboarding and its importance to any organization by answering a series of in-depth onboarding questions.

  • Engaging Your New Hires on Day One

    Although engaging new hires may seem like a basic concept, companies struggle to formalize the onboarding process and create a meaningful strategy around their talent. This report, based on data collected in March 2014 will provide a sneak peek at Aberdeen’s annual onboarding data and highlight key recommendations for transforming the new hire experience into a positive one.

  • 5 Ways Your Onboarding Process Can Improve Employee Engagement

    Join us for a discussion about the current state of employee engagement and five ways organizations can build engagement strategies into their orientation process. We’ll also talk about the best way to integrate these new ideas into your existing onboarding program.

  • Brandon Hall High Performance Onboarding

    The acquisition and development of talent is a top priority for business executives today, but as business priorities have changed in recent years, so too have the scope and function of talent management. And although regulatory compliance and policy administration remain important, high-performing organizations are more concerned with something else entirely: employee engagement.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding

    Most new hires have already bought into your company story and they want to take part. Onboarding takes these enthusiastic new people and rapidly engages and connects them to the life of the organization. That engagement leads to employee commitment. And their commitment leads to accomplishment.

  • Keys to Productivity, Retention, and Engagement

    Dr. Stephen Bruce will take you step by step through recruiting and onboarding, with practical tips for making the processes successful while at the same time avoiding those well-intentioned, but legally dangerous, missteps. You’ll learn how recruiting and onboarding set the foundation for retention and engagement, what the number one reason is that recruiting efforts fail, the drag on productivity and profits that bad hires bring, and how good intentions can lead to expensive lawsuits. You'll also get a better understanding of questions you should ask, and those you can’t ask (you may be surprised), why most onboarding programs start too late and end too soon, how to balance lawsuit risk and your need for information, and what HR’s role should—and shouldn’t—be.

  • What You Need to Know About Onboarding

    Onboarding is the way a new hire goes from offer letter to productive employee. It is the process of transforming a new hire into a fully functioning, integrated member of the team. A strong onboarding program connects new hires to the organization, their team, company culture, and success. This presentation highlights some of the key benefits of a strategic onboarding process.

  • Tenneco

    Tenneco pioneers technologies for cleaner, safer and smoother transportation, yet it used a manual onboarding process that was time-consuming, costly, and inconsistent. The organization sought an onboarding system to support its operational excellence and worldwide presence. See how they were able to overcome their challenges with SilkRoad.

  • Leading Change Management RedCarpet Style!

    Join Sara Harris, SilkRoad’s Change Management Guru, for this exciting webinar, in leveraging RedCarpet for more than on boarding. Whether you are about to enter the complex world of a Merger & Acquisition, or communicating change within your organization, this webinar will be critical to your success. You will walk away with a firm understanding of RedCarpet’s capabilities in supporting any organizational change, as well as key take aways to consider when planning organizational change.

  • Benefits of Automated Onboarding

    Curious to the benefits of automated onboarding? This graphic reveals the immediate impact and ROI SilkRoad Life Suite can provide. Increasing Employee Retention and Day One Readiness along with reductions in shipping costs are just a few ways SilkRoad can optimize your onboarding process.

  • Onboarding Challenges - Wood Group Mustang

    Wood Group Mustang launched SilkRoad Onboarding in October of 2010. Since then, Wood Group Mustang has rolled out the product in offices from London to Saudi Arabia. SilkRoad Onboarding helped simplify the new hire process, letting Wood Group Mustang shift focus from paper forms to workflow and dashboards.

  • Red Carpet Onboarding Roundtable - Importance of Onboarding New Hires Consistently

    Onboarding ensures that new hires start well prepared. Red carpet onboarding does even more. This streaming video presents a roundtable of 4 SilkRoad customers discussing the importance of onboarding to deliver consistent employee engagement. Recorded live at 2014 SilkRoad Connections User Conference.

  • Customer Spotlight: Lord Fairfax Community College

    Join SilkRoad and our friends from Lord Fairfax Community College as they tell the story of their journey to onboarding automation with SilkRoad's RedCarpet. They'll share the challenges and difficulties that made the manual onboarding process a daunting task, and how their new platform is simplifying life for everyone involved!

  • Background Screening to Navigate the Regulatory Minefield

    Avoiding costly hiring mistakes and ensuring that all regulations are met for your new hires can be a slippery slope, but it doesn't have to be! Join SilkRoad and our friends from Aurico as they cover a series of case studies and best practices for managing your background screening processes. Register today!

  • The Talent Management Handbook

    In this insightful and engaging chapter, David Lee, Principal at HumanNature@Work, takes a strong look at the requirements and benefits of successful onboarding while also taking a look at the consequences of a negative onboarding experience. Lee points out that the stakes are high and organizations can't afford the high price of employee turnover and the lowered productivity of disengaged workers.

  • Customer Spotlight Series: How Mustang Made a Winning Investment in SilkRoad Services

    In this customer spotlight webinar, Tina Kutach will highlight her company's use of the SilkRoad Services team to get the maximum benefit out of their Life Suite investment. She'll share Mustang's story, and why SilkRoad Services was a winning investment for her team and organization!

  • Springfield Public Schools Puts Onboarding First

    Springfield Public Schools, the largest fully accredited public school district in Missouri, offers the state’s only K–12 International Baccalaureate program and has the second largest number of schools on the State’s top 10 list. Springfield Public Schools is well-known for the highest quality education, yet it was using a manual system for onboarding new employees. The organization sought a strategic, automated process that would reflect its standards of excellence and quickly engage new employees in their jobs—all while reducing administrative effort.

  • Employee Engagement for Dummies

    SilkRoad is proud to announce the newest work from our friend and trusted adviser, Bob Kelleher, Employee Engagement for Dummies. Bob is an award winning author, thought leader, keynote speaker and AEC industry expert and consultant, and travels the globe sharing his insights on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends.

  • What Onboarding Means - Wood Group Mustang

    Younger generations often make the decision to stay with a company during the first 72 hours on site. Wood Group Mustang wanted to engage new hires within this time frame, and have resources available when they walk in the door. SilkRoad Onboarding provides the tools Wood Group Mustang needs to bring new hires up to speed and keep them engaged in their early stages with the company.

  • Perfecting Your Onboarding Recipe

    What’s the perfect recipe for onboarding success? The answer to this question depends on a series of factors and requirements, and each individual company must determine what those pieces are! Join SilkRoad and Tina Kutach of Wood Group Mustang as she shares her company’s recipe, how they built their business case for onboarding automation, and some of the challenges specific to her company’s industry. Register today!

  • Georgiou Creates an Onboarding Experience

    Georgiou is a rapidly growing national building construction, engineering, and property development company based in Australia. Over three decades, the firm has expanded to multiple business units with projects distributed across Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria. Technicians, heavy equipment operators, shop and field mechanics, engineers, project managers, and financial and administrative professionals are just a few of the types of staff that Georgiou employs.

  • The Art of Onboarding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Accelerating Success

    Attendees will emerge with an understanding of how to create an onboarding timeline and recruiting brief and align stakeholders around them. They'll also learn how to pre-sell while buying and then close the right sale the right way. Find out how to help others deliver by co-creating and supporting new employee’s Personal Onboarding Plan and accelerate your new hire success today!

  • Concentra - RedCarpet

    Concentra has seamless integration between their onboarding system, SilkRoad's RedCarpet, and other talent management systems.

  • Concentra - RedCarpet

    Concentra has saved millions in printing costs by automating their onboarding process with SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding system.

  • Concentra - RedCarpet

    Concentra has all new hire information and forms centralized in one spot with SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding system. New hires have even said they "love it!"

  • Cook Children's Health Care System - RedCarpet

    With SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding solution, Cook Children's Health Care System, has received positive feedback from new hires and they now have an efficient process in place that gives everyone easy access to everything they need for an employee's first day on the job.

  • Cook Children's Health Care System - RedCarpet

    With SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding system, Cook Children's Health Care is fully prepared on day one for new hires. New employees, managers, IT, etc. all have what they need to get new talent up and running as soon as they walk in the door.

  • Scania

    Scania Australia partnered with SilkRoad in 2011 and has been seeing the benefits of a structured, automated and engaging system since day one. Through the implementation of SilkRoad Onboarding, the Scania Australia HR Team have been able to focus on their strategic projects whilst being confident that their new starters are receiving an engaging welcome to their business through the delivery of day one readiness tasks.

    Scania Australia not only use RedCarpet to guide their new starters to be ready from day one. Further to day one readiness, the solution takes the employee through to probation periods and then up to the employees 4th year milestone. This in depth planning ensures that no important anniversaries are forgotten and continues employee engagement past the traditional onboarding experience.

  • Building a Business Case for Onboarding Automation

    Join SilkRoad as Jennifer Tracy of BrightHouse walks attendees through her company’s process for realizing the need for an automated onboarding platform, how they built their business case, and the steps they took to achieve executive buy-in from key stakeholders and players. Register today!

  • Tenneco

    Tenneco pioneers technologies for cleaner, safer and smoother transportation, yet it used a manual onboarding process that was time-consuming, costly, and inconsistent. The organization sought an onboarding system to support its operational excellence and worldwide presence.

  • Strategic Onboarding 2013: A New Look at New Hires

    Join SilkRoad and our friends from The Aberdeen Group as we join forces with to present the findings of Aberdeen’s 2013 Strategic Onboarding report. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to transform basic new hire orientation into strategic initiatives and how leveraging appropriate technology can drive productivity, engagement, and retention.

  • Onboarding 2013, A New Look at New Hires

    Employee on boarding has become a key business initiative and accelerator of company growth and performance, making it one of the most critical strategies an organization can undertake. Aberdeen Group recently studied 230 companies to explore the best practices used to transform the onboarding process into a strategic initiative that boosts productivity, engagement, and retention. SilkRoad has partnered with Aberdeen Group to provide the full results of this study, download your complimentary copy today.

  • Yale New Haven Health

    Yale New Haven Health wanted a state-of-the-art new employee onboarding system to match its cutting-edge medical care of patients. Yet, the organization’s onboarding system was cumbersome. The system’s HR departments received multiple paper forms from new hires, which were collected, routed to departments for data entry, and filed. The process was highly variable, depending upon the employee handling the onboarding: Sometimes forms were missed, or misfiled. In short, onboarding was burdensome for candidates and time consuming for HR staff.

  • Onboarding 201

    Onboarding 201 is the second paper in a series on the most critical retention activity your organization can undertake – onboarding. Onboarding 201 will dive into the details of best-practice onboarding program components such as automation, HR-driven sessions and long-term follow up. Download your complimentary copy today.

  • Onboarding 301

    Onboarding 301 is the third and final paper in our three part series on onboarding. This ebook discusses how to measure the return-on-investment (ROI) of your onboarding programs and improve them in ways that directly benefit your organization’s bottom line. Download your complimentary copy today!

  • Onboarding 101

    Onboarding 101 is the first of three papers in a series on the most critical retention activity your organization can undertake—onboarding. This paper is designed to help you understand the rationale for strategic onboarding as well as the objectives of effective onboarding programs. Download this complimentary paper and learn some of the best practices in place at high-performing organizations and strategies you can put in place at your own company.

  • Talent Acquisition University: Best Practices for Higher Education

    Join us, as Joey Croslin and Jessica Hoile analyze the talent acquisition hurdles for higher education, detail the steps of how they are tackling these issues head-on at OKCU, and provide key best practices for onboarding and recruiting. Register today and find out how the talent acquisition process can work to your advantage!

  • North Texas Onboarding Symposium

    Please join us from 7:30am to 10:30am on November 28th for a free Onboarding Symposium. You’ll learn from top HR leaders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area how the automation of their onboarding process had an immediate and positive impact on employee engagement, retention and ROI. Panelists include HR professionals from Freescale Semiconductor, Greatwide Logistics, Cook's Children's and Alcatel-Lucent Technologies. Stop by before work as they share their employment engagement surveys and the impact the new onboarding system made.

  • Onboarding Software Business Case Template

    Don't let your onboarding automation project overwhelm you. Use this easy, plug-and-play template and save those tears for another day. From section-by-section instructions to sample text, we've got everything you need to get budget approval and buy-in for your onboarding automation project. Use it to customize or plagiarize. We don't care!

  • Building an Effective Business Case for Onboarding

    Did you know that a proper, automated, onboarding system yields average company savings of $800 per new employee? Join us as Kasey Konkright, Director of Recruiting for Milestone Technologies, shares his experience building a successful onboarding business case, as well as real-life ROI metrics, to achieve executive buy-in, and recommendations to help you through the process. Register today!

  • Life Care Services - RedCarpet

    SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding solution takes Life Care Services' orientation paperwork from 4 hours down to 15 minutes. Life Care also describes how they feel they've continued to be an important customer for SilkRoad, despite their size and despite the growth of SilkRoad.

  • Fast Flicks: Why Onboarding is Important

    With all the costs related to recruiting, best practices for onboarding can often take a backseat on priorities lists. In just under 90 seconds, Dawn Kohler, CEO of The Inside Coach, explains just a few reasons why onboarding is important in this SilkRoad Fast Flicks.

  • Mustang Engineering - RedCarpet

    RedCarpet customer

  • Mustang Engineering - RedCarpet Implementation

    RedCarpet customer

  • Onboarding for HR Champions - Half-Day Webinar Series

    The key benefits of properly onboarding new employees are invaluable to any organization: increase retention, increase performance and improve day-one readiness. The Onboarding for HR Champions Half-Day Webinar Series includes three webinars that will give attendees a solid understanding of onboarding best practices and as well as simple steps to develop a successful onboarding process.

  • Cook Children's Hospital - RedCarpet

    Cook Children's Healthcare System take their retention rate from 19% to the single digits with the use of SilkRoad's RedCarpet employee onboarding system.

  • Onboarding Software Buyer's Kit

    Choosing the right onboarding software for your company isn’t easy -- and it's a big decision. That's precisely why we created a buyer's kit consisting of key questions you should ask when evaluating ANY onboarding software solution.

  • Improving Healthcare Through Talent Management

    Healthcare reform continues to be a major media focus, but to those behind the scenes improving healthcare in the US lies in managing the talent that powers the industry. Join us as Debra Jenson and Thomas Boyle, SilkRoad Directors of Product Marketing, unite to discuss the results of a recent survey and share current healthcare HR practices and trends.

  • Onboarding Top Talent for Healthcare

    SilkRoad customer, Jill Kreissl, Director of Employment at Cook Children’s Health Care System, shares Cook Children’s approach to rolling out an onboarding and new hire orientation process, as well as tips to help organizations create a meaningful orientation and improve retention of their top performers.

  • HRCI Certified - Best Practices for Onboarding Success

    Organizations with a formal onboarding process realize 60% year-over-year revenue growth per full-time employee. Join us as Dawn Kohler, CEO of The Inside Coach and Thomas Boyle, Director of Product Marketing at SilkRoad discuss easy-to-implement onboarding best practices that have been proven to increase employee productivity and retention.

  • Building a Talent Acquisition Business Case

    Building a talent acquisition business case can seem like a daunting task. Join us as Shelly Mix, Senior Solution Consultant for SilkRoad, and former Recruiting Manager, shares her experience building a successful business case from start to finish. We'll discuss how to identify current challenges, assess the success of your current acquisition process, opportunities for improvement and examples of ROI data - all which will help you get the executive buy-in you need!

  • The Importance of Thinking Beyond Onboarding

    Dan White, Global Offering Leader, RPO for IBM HR, and Thomas Boyle, Director, Product Management for SilkRoad, discussed how managing transitions beyond the first days on the job is crucial to the success and objectives of the entire recruitment process.

  • Successful Onboarding: Strategies to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization

    Successful Onboarding: Strategies to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization, enables you to build a business case for onboarding that will result in numerous gains for your business. Benefits from possessing a strategic onboarding program are not only seen at the organizational level, but at an employee level as well. With a structured onboarding management program, employees will be more fulfilled, which will increase engagement, retention and productivity.

    SilkRoad is pleased to offer a FREE copy of chapter one, "The Business Case for Onboarding," which builds a quantitative business case for the way organizations bring new hires into the fold.

  • The State of Talent Management 2012: Forecast and Strategy

    Ensure 2012 is a success for your organization by arming yourself with a comprehensive analysis of the state of talent management. In this webinar, SilkRoad will share our 2011 SilkRoad Institute survey results in the areas of onboarding, performance and learning. Attendees will also take away a three-step talent management strategy for organizational success in the New Year. This is a presentation not to be missed.

  • Building a Workforce of Engaged Employees - Customer Webinar

    In this exciting customer webinar, we present recruiting and onboarding challenges inherent to the healthcare industry, and how these processes were streamlined through the configurability and strength of SilkRoad’s OpenHire™ and RedCarpet™ solutions.

  • Trumpet Behavioral Health - RedCarpet

    RedCarpet Customer

  • McLeod Health - RedCarpet

    RedCarpet customer

  • Oklahoma City University - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    LifeSuite customer

  • Mustang Engineering - RedCarpet

    RedCarpet Customer

  • Spectrum Brands - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    OpenHire customer

  • Tenneco - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    LifeSuite customer

  • Memorial Health - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    Life Suite customer

  • From Orientation to On-Boarding: Transforming the New Hire Process

    Creating an engaged workforce starts with designing a relevant on-boarding process, not just an orientation session. In this session, Sharlyn Lauby, President of ITEM Group and author of the blog HR Bartender, will discuss the difference between orientation and on-boarding, as well as how you can implement an on-boarding program to engage your employees and positively impact your organization.

  • Onboarding: How to Get Your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time

    Authors George B. Bradt and Mary Vonnegut understand the difficulty of getting new employees up to speed quickly. Failure can lead to unfulfilled needs, unhappy recruits, and, ultimately, the failure to meet vital business goals. In this free chapter, the authors cover the logistics needed to make your new employees productive from the start in addition to helpful time-savers, such as using an online onboarding management portal to automate administrative paperwork. This dynamic chapter is full of helpful, real-life examples, graphs and notes. Download today to take away key steps to accommodate a successful new hire onboarding process in two parts: through their work needs and their personal needs. It’s easier than you might think!

  • OGE Energy Corporation - OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

  • Building an Onboarding Business Case

    The value of a properly onboarded new hire provides the key to a true competitive advantage in today's market. Statistics prove that a positive onboarding experience leads to productive, engaged employees with higher retention rates. If you're interested in learning what components are involved in building an onboarding business case, including how to realize a return on investment through a new or improved automated onboarding process please join us August 9th for this informative webinar.

  • SIRVA, Inc. - OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

  • Citrix Systems, Inc. - RedCarpet

    RedCarpet Customer

  • McLeod Health

    For OpenHire, the winning feature was its configurability. With RedCarpet onboarding management software, the overall strength of the product would allow the company to streamline onboarding.

  • McAfee

    Prior to RedCarpet, McAfee's onboarding process began by sending a binder out to each new employee. The binders included new hire paperwork, forms, and reference materials. Each binder was shipped via FedEx to the employee. When asked how they would have handled this process for 1000 employees, Gillette said, "It would not have been an impossible task. Sending out the binders would not have been a problem because we could outsource that. The problem would have been on the data management side when everything came back in."