RedCarpet® Automated Onboarding Process Increases HR Efficiencies

SilkRoad Onboarding Management Portal Ensures that Your Employees Are Ready to Work On their First Day

Day 1 ReadinessTransition—whether to a new job or a new responsibility within the organization—is easy when you engage your employees early. SilkRoad’s onboarding process allows HR professionals to immerse employees in the company’s culture from day one, using a simple, intuitive administrative platform that clearly spells out task assignments and documentation requirements.


  • Create a personalized and branded experience with the SilkRoad Onboarding easy-to-use content editor that lets you deliver customized information to each employee.
  • Integrate new hires faster with easy-to-use, easy-to-manage new employee forms, electronic signatures, color-coded task dashboards, and auto-populated fields.
  • Track all of your activities: Stay on top of deadlines and compliance issues with automatic e-reminders and triggers.
  • Reduce legal risks with full compliance and reporting. The SilkRoad Onboarding solution is a certified U.S. Department of Homeland Security employer agent. It includes full I-9 management and case resolution tools to verify and ensure that employees are legally allowed to work in the country.

The RedCarpet onboarding process saves us about $200 per employee in time savings alone. Once new hires have agreed to the job, RedCarpet is a one-stop shop.

Jorge Barerra, HR Analyst

Companies that properly onboard their employees see a 605 year-over-year improvement in revenue per full-time employee.

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