Life Suite Talent Portal - Connect Talent Management in One Integrated Solution

Talent Portal

Deliver all Talent Management and HR applications from one location.

SilkRoad Talent Portal engages employees by centralizing Talent Management strategies and HR needs in the organization. As an end-to-end solution, Talent Portal starts new hires off on the right foot, and integrates existing software for current employees.

  • Engage and retain employees by providing them direct access to your internal jobs openings. Increase new hire productivity and reaffirm their decision to join your organization by connecting them to the right people and content.
  • Empower employees to take control of their careers. Providing employees clear insights into their careers is paramount to their long-term success. With the Talent Portal, employees now have the transparency to manage their performance and learning activities from one centralized, easy-to-use interface.
  • Get beyond formal learning management tools. Employees learn the most from their peers and coworkers. The Talent Portal leverages social technologies making it easy to connect employees to the right people and content, driving higher performance and increased engagement.
  • Link directly to other critical HR systems, increasing user adoption and driving greater consistency for employees. Employees benefit from one centralized place for all of their HR needs, driving greater engagement.

All of your Talent Management and HR applications delivered directly to employees, in one place. And, a one-stop administration area.

As an integrated solution, Talent Portal fosters employee growth and increases business productivity. Your organization invests a great deal in the development of each employee, and must protect that investment.

Talent Portal

  • Collaborate with teams—The Talent Portal enables organizations to break free from standard email communication and start engaging employees in one centralized location to share content, and drive company culture.
  • Integrated Task Management - The Talent Portal provides the ability to deliver employee tasks across the Life Suite in one central location.
  • Employee Single Sign-On - With the Talent Portal, employees login one time and instantly access all of their relevant content and Applications across SilkRoad Life Suite.
  • Align teams to connect quickly, work together on projects, and crowd source when appropriate. The Talent Portal provides the social talent management tools that today's workforce needs to be productive.
  • Customize the Interface For Your Organization - SilkRoad Talent Portal provides HR the configurability to add new tiles, linking directly to other critical HR systems. This creates a consistent experience for employees resulting in increased adoption and engagement with other HR systems.

Across all generations of workers, the need for social connections is a strong motivator for employees to go the extra mile. SilkRoad Talent Portal employee social collaboration allows your people to connect, share, and grow.