Employee Social Collaboration Software Connects Talent, Boosts Productivity

Share Expertise, Knowledge, and Goals with SilkRoad Talent Portal

Social CollaborationSocial collaboration and mobile agility are “in”, and the lines between social networking and social collaboration at work are eroding fast. Employees want to be able to communicate with their colleagues from anywhere—and at any time.

SilkRoad Talent Portal employee social collaboration software gives them a centralized platform to do just that.

  • Connect employees through the SilkRoad Talent Portal to share their vision and drive company culture.
  • Empower workers—when you trust and partner with your employees, they are more willing to make decisions, take appropriate risks, and act in the best interests of the organization.
  • Leverage technology and search capabilities to easily find information—SilkRoad Talent Portal is designed to let you find the most influential content, experts, or group discussions around a specific topic.
  • See how knowledge flows and who relies on whom for critical business information. The valuable insights you gain can help you streamline your business.
  • Make the SilkRoad Talent Portal your employees’ one-stop resource for all the information they need to do their job--whether it is access to their personal profile or finding out who can help to process a purchase order from Australia.

Across all generations of workers, the need for social connections is a strong motivator for employees to go the extra mile. SilkRoad Talent Portal employee social collaboration allows your people to connect, share, and grow.