SilkRoad End-to-End Talent Management

Roll out the RedCarpet® experience for your employees.

Award-winning SilkRoad Life Suite offers human resource teams and their organizations one platform to manage and engage employees from pre-hire to departure, resulting in better business performance and success. And SilkRoad Life Suite comes with the Talent Portal, providing you a one-stop way to manage and deliver all of your talent management and HR content in one easy to use tablet friendly Interface, driving greater engagement, collaboration, and user adoption. The suite is easy to deploy, easy to use, and affordable for businesses of every size. Check out these features:

  • Employer Branded – Ensures your brand is featured to find, attract, develop and retain the best talent in any region.
  • Cloud Based – Highly secure, cloud-based architecture allows access and system updates to occur without disruption.
  • Easy Integration – Integrated with best in breed, time and attendance, benefits carriers and payroll providers.
  • Globally Deployed – The Life Suite is deployed in over 30 countries.
  • Award-winning Support – SilkRoad’s service and training professionals are located in 23 offices to assist you, around the clock.

  • Complete, Self-Service Suite – Tablet friendly design and personalization make it the easiest and most innovative talent management system.
  • Life Suite Talent Portal – Provides employees with a single interface to manage their careers across the suite.
  • Information On Demand – Analytics and standard reports satisfy compliance and reporting needs for all levels and functions.
  • Single System of Record – Accurate employee profiles and a system of record allow everyone to act on relevant and timely HR information.
  • Subscription-based – 100% cloud-based, so there’s no hardware or software to purchase.

Attract, Screen, and Hire Best-Fit Talent with SilkRoad Recruiting

SilkRoad Recruiting is an easy-to-use recruiting software platform that allows any organization to increase the quality of hire while decreasing time and cost per hire.

With SilkRoad Recruiting:

  • Applicant tracking has never been easier. SilkRoad Recruiting allows you to automate and manage the entire recruiting process, increasing manager and recruiter collaboration while providing a high-touch experience for applicants.
  • SilkRoad Recruiting's Social Recruiting Media Toolkit provides internal and external tools for recruiters, job seekers and employees, enabling them to apply, connect, and share with hundreds of social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.
  • Attract and engage candidates with branded career portals. SilkRoad’s portal studio provides organizations the tools to create full career portals—driving greater engagement through content like video, blogs, testimonials, and more.
  • Reporting and integrated dashboards provide users the tools to analyze their recruiting process, increasing transparency, and identifying potential issues.

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Manage the Employee Experience from Hire to Retire with SilkRoad Onboarding

Speed Hires’ Readiness and Time-to-productivity; Maximize Employee Engagement from Day One

SilkRoad Onboarding is an intuitive employee onboarding software solution designed to drive engagement during every phase of the employee lifecycle, allowing organizations to reduce costs and time-spent-per-hire, establish consistency across lines of business, and ensure greater employee satisfaction. Link new hire onboarding and training plans with SilkRoad Learning.

With SilkRoad Onboarding:

  • Automate your new hire orientation and employee transition processes with the SilkRoad Onboarding employee onboarding solution. Our workflows allow you to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, improving employees’ day one readiness and accelerating their time to contribution.
  • Go paperless. By using the SilkRoad Onboarding onboarding electronic forms capabilities, you can reduce costs associated with the paper trail of employee forms.
  • Create content specific to each individual. Update content in real time as often as needed for a personalized, company-branded experience.

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Measure, Align, and Develop Your Talent with SilkRoad Performance

SilkRoad Performance helps you understand, grow your organization’s workforce.

"Your employees are your most valuable assets." You believe in that mantra, but aligning your corporate strategy with the day-to-day activities of your workers can be a serious business challenge. The WingSpan employee performance management system can simplify the process.

With an intuitive, automated yet customizable platform, SilkRoad’s performance review solution allows you to take the long view and turn appraisals into training or recruitment.

SilkRoad's performance management system helps your company set goals, evaluate employee skills, provide feedback and opportunities for development, and tie performance to compensation. Highly flexible, the software is configurable to your needs as they evolve.

With SilkRoad Performance:

  • Increase productivity—SilkRoad Performance automates employee performance appraisal cycles with custom workflows and dashboards that let HR managers monitor when and how tasks are completed.
  • Create a performance culture—employees are more engaged and productive when they see how their performance affects the company’s bottom line. In turn, improved performance affects how goals are set. Everyone wins.
  • Motivate employees—when employees and managers see how goal achievements directly impact the success of the company, they feel a greater sense of ownership in the company.
  • Collaborate and socialize employee development throughout the company—it’s easy for employees and managers to define a development plan together, and to see what additional training might be necessary to reach those goals.
  • Identify who your next leaders will be and prepare for executive succession planning—see who is ready for specific positions, or what you need to provide those employees with to get them ready for the next level.

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Train and Engage Employees with SilkRoad Learning

Making sure employees receive the training they need is critical to your productivity.

The SilkRoad Learning management system is accessible anytime, anywhere; Easy-to-use, it offers dynamic learning catalogs that are customizable to reflect employees’ specific training demands.

With SilkRoad Learning:

Easily track your applicant by automating the entire recruiting process

  • Lower risks of compliance breach—HR professionals and line managers can manage, track, and report on each employee’s training and development. They are able to assign and approve employee learning, monitor progress, and proactively provide due-date notifications to ensure compliance.
  • Lower training costs—SilkRoad Learning (GreenLight) LMS software gives you the flexibility to create and manage virtual training events, reducing the needs for classroom-filled sessions. Reporting comes directly from the central software, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.
  • Facilitate employee training—your employees can browse learning opportunities, enroll and attend courses online, complete assessments, view learning plans and transcripts, all from an intuitive, visually-enticing portal.

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Manage all critical employee data, in one central location, with SilkRoad HRMS.

SilkRoad’s HRMS (HeartBeat) software is an innovative, self-service HRMS that allows you to track your diverse workforce effectively.

The SilkRoad HRMS solution supports employee and manager self-service, benefits enrollments, and time-off balances and accruals. With a powerful reporting module, interfaces to payroll solutions, and standard APIs for custom integration that leverage your existing HR investments, the HeartBeat HR management software was engineered from the ground up to work in the cloud.

Unlike other HRMS Solutions on the market, SilkRoad HRMS integrates with SilkRoad’s comprehensive suite of talent management applications to bring together all aspects of the employee cycle.

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Connect Talent Management in One Integrated Solution with SilkRoad Talent Portal.

Deliver all Talent Management and HR applications from one location.

SilkRoad Talent Portal engages employees by centralizing Talent Management strategies and HR needs in the organization. As an end-to-end solution, Talent Portal starts new hires off on the right foot, and integrates existing software for current employees.

  • Engage and retain employees by providing them direct access to your internal jobs openings. Increase new hire productivity and reaffirm their decision to join your organization by connecting them to the right people and content.
  • Empower employees to take control of their careers. Providing employees clear insights into their careers is paramount to their long-term success. With the Talent Portal, employees now have the transparency to manage their performance and learning activities from one centralized, easy-to-use interface.
  • Get beyond formal learning management tools. Employees learn the most from their peers and coworkers. The Talent Portal leverages social technologies making it easy to connect employees to the right people and content, driving higher performance and increased engagement.
  • Link directly to other critical HR systems, increasing user adoption and driving greater consistency for employees. Employees benefit from one centralized place for all of their HR needs, driving greater engagement.

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