HR Recruitment Resources

  • Background Checks: The Good, The Bad, The Compliant

    Join SilkRoad and Aurico as we discuss the key elements to a compliant hiring process. We'll give you the ins and outs of the process and highlight several critical areas for improvement that can reduce compliance liability and improve efficiency.

  • Five Simple Steps to an Effective Sourcing Strategy

    Join our experts as we take you beyond recruiting metrics and reactive hiring into the realm of strategic sourcing and setting the stage for a transition to “Talent Experts as Miracle Workers.” This webinar will guide you down the path of making the transition from a tactical organization focused on time to fill, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to stay ahead of the business and delivering talent before the business knows the need exists.

  • Recruiting Metrics Matter: Beyond Time to Fill

    Join Tom Boyle and Kasey Konkright, SilkRoad’s Talent Management Evangelists, as they take you on a journey beyond traditional metrics. Whether challenged on how to tell your story of talent, or presenting information in a meaningful, business-focused way, our experts will provide you with the insight, knowledge and tools to assist you. This webinar is critical for HR Leaders and Talent Management team members looking to take their talent organization to the next level.

  • Success For Hire: Proven Strategies to Find and Keep Outstanding Employees

    Talent retention can be one of the key components of business success. With a plan that not only focuses on training and orientation but on long-term employee engagement and incentives, you can set your employees up for long-term success. to growth plans for long-term employee retention, this webinar will address how to create a successful employee acquisition program.

  • Top 9 Tips for Mastering Mobile Recruiting

    Mobile is a massive trend in life as well as recruiting. Technology is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a must have. Download these 9 key concepts to keep in mind when entering the mobile recruiting arena.

  • Recruiting Metrics That Matter

    Recruiting costs can add up. Making sure you're getting the most value for every dollar spent is important and requires a healthy amount of analysis. But deciding what measurements provide the right insight can be daunting. This presentation helps define the right metrics and offers methods for recruiters to be more strategic in their approach. After the presentation, be sure to download the eBook: Recruiting Metrics that Matter by David Creelman for an even more in-depth look!

  • Succeeding with Search

    Join SilkRoad and our friends from Indeed as they share a wealth of data on how people search for your jobs and key drivers for reaching the best talent with your search recruiting strategy!

  • Top Sources for Hires 2014

    SilkRoad's Top Sources of Hire Report provides insights to help professionals understand top recruitment sources used by other companies so that they can develop their own top recruitment strategies. Objective and substantial in both scope and depth, the report includes quantitative source data extracted directly from the talent management systems of more than a thousand employers.

  • Building Blocks for An Effective Sourcing Strategy

    Join Tom Boyle and Michael Goldberg as they share the results of SilkRoad's annual Source of Hire report. They'll cover key trends and offer expert advice on the building blocks you need to create a winning talent acquisition foundation for your organization. Register today!

  • Top Sources of Hire

    SilkRoad’s Top Sources of Hire Report provides insights to help professionals understand top recruitment sources used by other companies so that they can develop their own top recruitment strategies. Objective and substantial in both scope and depth, the report includes quantitative source data extracted directly from the talent management systems of more than a thousand employers.

  • The Recruiting Snitch

    Senior Recruiter and author, Alysse Metzler, guides candidates through the inner-workings of the recruiting and interview process. In The Recruiting Snitch, Alysse shares the opinions of 101 recruiters across the United States and gives job seekers tips and tricks to land their dream job. Learn what others in the industry are saying and determine whether your corporate and personal recruiting processes are helping or hurting candidates. While intended for job seekers, this inside look at recruiting is enlightening for those inside and outside the industry. SilkRoad is pleased to offer a complimentary copy of Chapter 4, The Labels We Secretly Assign You. Download yours today!

  • Recruiting Metrics that Matter

    Getting good value from recruiting metrics is harder than most people think, yet expectations are high. Everyone is talking about HR analytics; leaders expect their HR departments to be, at the very least, reasonably good at generating useful metrics. The pressure is on. HR needs recruiting metrics—and having a stack of data is not enough, HR needs recruiting metrics that matter. Download this complimentary ebook that covers the most important recruiting metrics and how to measure them.

  • Shifting Gears: How Technology is Driving a New Recruiting Experience

    Join SilkRoad and our friends at HireVue to learn how cutting edge technology is changing the recruiting experience for recruiters AND job seekers, and how you can position your company to make the experience you provide a strategic competitive advantage.

  • The Numbers Behind Recruiting: How to Measure ROI and Plan for a New Year of New Hires

    Join SilkRoad for this FREE TalentTalk webinar that examines key factors and approaches to measuring the success of your recruiting efforts. We’ll share key metrics and analysis to help your company plan ahead and make 2014 your most successful recruiting year ever! Register now!

  • On the Hunt: How Job Seekers Define a Quality Experience

    Join us, as Tom Boyle presents the results of our Employee Marketplace survey and helps attendees understand the key elements of the recruiting process that attract potential new hires. With these results, businesses will better understand what drives job seeker's actions and attitudes, and how they can cater to those needs to stay ahead of the curve! Register today!

  • What’s Up with the Hiring Process?

    Every interaction with a candidate is a brand building opportunity for your organization. Gaining insight into the candidate’s experience is vital, given the high cost of recruitment and competition for A-level talent. As part of SilkRoad's TalentTalk Research Program, we surveyed candidates from a variety of backgrounds on what they thought of companies' talent acquisition practices. Check out our complimentary report which takes a deep dive into the survey results

  • Candidates Tell All

    Do you ever wonder what candidates truly think about your recruiting process? You probably have an automated system in place to make it easy on applicants, perhaps you have a career portal with what you think is all the information they need, and you make sure you’re asking the right questions during the interview process. But how much is all of this really paying off? Are candidates as complimentary of your process as you think they are? What’s most important to them when looking and applying for a job?

    We were wondering the same thing so we asked 247 professionals a set of questions to help us determine just what companies look like from a candidate’s perspective. Check out the highlights from the survey in the infographic.

  • HBSC - OpenHire

    Streamlined Recruiting

  • HBSC - OpenHire

    HBCS saved over $50,000 after implementing SilkRoad's OpenHire recruiting management system.

  • Hiring for Attitude: A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting

    Author Mark Murphy challenges a popular misconception that most people fail at their jobs due to a lack of skills. After evaluating over 20,000 new hires over a 3 year period, Mark discovered that over the first 18 months, 46% of those new hires failed (got fired, received poor performance reviews, etc.) and what's even more shocking is that only 11% of those failed due to a lack of skills. In his book, Hiring for Attitude, Mark dives into why hiring for attitude, not skills, is what recruiters and companies should be focusing on. SilkRoad is pleased to offer a complimentary copy of Chapter 1, Discover Your Brown Shorts. Download today!

  • Tenneco

    Tenneco is a leading-edge technology company, but it used an outdated manual system for recruitment—requiring enormous expenditures of time and precious recruitment dollars. The company needed highly efficient recruitment software that would match its reputation for operational excellence and innovation.

  • Tenneco - OpenHire

    With SilkRoad's OpenHire recruiting management system, Tenneco has been able to streamline and automate all of their previous paper-based processes. They've also significantly reduced their recruiting spend.

  • Tenneco - OpenHire

    Tenneco is able to take all of their jobs and push them out to job boards in a quick and efficient, automated fashion with SilkRoad's OpenHire recruiting management solution.

  • Hiring Compliance and Employment Law: An Inside Look

    Join us for this FREE webinar where Bob Yonowitz, Partner at Fisher and Phillips, LLP, shares his in-depth knowledge of the world of compliance and employment law as it relates to the hiring process. Tom Boyle of SilkRoad will also provide attendees with some key best practices for leveraging technology throughout the hiring process and how it can successfully contribute to your compliance efforts.

  • Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

    Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world's largest and most dynamic hotel groups with a portfolio of more than 1,300 hotels in operation or under development. In the Asia Pacific region alone Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has more than 200 vacant positions at any given moment and needed one standardised and user-friendly system to streamline their recruitment process with a single web portal where applicants could see all job openings in Asia Pacific. OpenHire became their chosen applicant tracking system.supporting more than 355 hiring managers and 47 recruiters across 10 countries.

  • Recruiting Software Business Case Template

    Do you need to prove the value of your recruiting software purchase to your executive team? Use this easy, plug-and-play template and make your life a lot easier! We've included everything from section-by-section instructions to sample text – everything you need to get budget approval and buy–in for your recruiting automation project.

  • Clear Channel

    In the media and entertainment industry, creative talent is a company’s greatest asset, and competitors vie for the best people. As a result, Clear Channel’s recruitment activity is continuous and intense. Annually Clear Channel hires hundreds of innovators and “go getters” to fill a wide variety of roles—from programming, production, and operations, to finance, graphic design, and advertising account management.

  • Talent Acquisition University: Best Practices for Higher Education

    Join us, as Joey Croslin and Jessica Hoile analyze the talent acquisition hurdles for higher education, detail the steps of how they are tackling these issues head-on at OKCU, and provide key best practices for onboarding and recruiting. Register today and find out how the talent acquisition process can work to your advantage!

  • Recruiting Metrics Matter

    How do YOU use recruiting metrics? Join us as Tom Boyle and Kasey Konkright break down the current state of recruiting, giving you an in-depth look into current trends and methodology and a variety of key action items to improve your recruitment processes for positive results.

  • May the Source Be With You

    Deciding where to spend your valuable job advertising dollars is always a challenge. With literally thousands of options to choose from, deciding which ones are right for your company can be frustrating.

  • Recruiting Effectiveness: May the Source Be With You

    How do your recruiting efforts measure up? Join Tom Boyle and Michael Goldberg as they discuss the results of our 2013 Source of Hire report and uncover the driving force behind effective recruiting.

  • Where are candidates looking for jobs?

    Ever been confused by the sheer number of job boards and job sites out there? Where are candidates looking for jobs? Where should you be spending your recruiting dollars? To give us a bit of insight, we did some research and have laid out the top 5 job boards based on monthly unique visitors in a cool, new infographic.

  • High Sierra Industries

    High Sierra Industries needed to implement a highly efficient recruitment process, as well as ensure accurate data for compliance reporting. Yet the organization had undergone a rapid, strategic expansion and had clearly outgrown its existing hiring methods, which demanded that the talent team manually track data and input it into an older HR system: The software lacked basic capabilities for posting jobs, screening candidates, and tracking compliance.

  • High Sierra Industries - OpenHire

    OpenHire customer

  • NES Rentals Holdings, Inc.

    NES Rentals improves their talent pool and candidate experience with SilkRoad's OpenHire recruiting management system. Communication between hiring managers and recruiters has also improved, which streamlined the entire recruiting process.

  • NES Rentals Holdings, Inc.

    SilkRoad's OpenHire recruiting management system provides NES Rentals with a customizable career portal that allows them to promote their talent brand and provides candidates with the information they need before applying. The portal is user-friendly and intuitive and gives HR the power to manage the site without the need for IT intervention.

  • Recruiting Software Buyer's Kit

    Choosing the right recruiting software for your company isn’t easy -- and it's a big decision. That's precisely why we created a buyer's kit consisting of key questions you should ask when evaluating ANY recruiting software solution.

  • Improving Healthcare Through Talent Management

    Healthcare reform continues to be a major media focus, but to those behind the scenes improving healthcare in the US lies in managing the talent that powers the industry. Join us as Debra Jenson and Thomas Boyle, SilkRoad Directors of Product Marketing, unite to discuss the results of a recent survey and share current healthcare HR practices and trends.

  • Scoot Airline

    As a new start-up airline that launched in November 2011, Scoot’s HR team was faced with the enormous challenge of recruiting over 300 staff in its first year. However, the airline’s existing recruitment system was entirely manual—with the HR team reviewing, by hand, each submitted resume to determine if candidates were suitably qualified for available positions. Scoot turned to SilkRoad, specifically its OpenHire recruiting software, for help in achieving its ambitious recruitment targets.

  • NES Rentals

    NES Rentals needed to replace their applicant tracking system with a solution that was more intuitive, efficient and feature-rich. With SilkRoad's OpenHire they have a fully automated and centrally managed recruiting system that provides much-needed workflow, reporting, and transparency between hiring managers and recruiters. NES Rentals believes in delivering a top-notch candidate experience and were able to accomplish with OpenHire's branded career portal.

  • Rustan Coffee

    With hundreds of applications every day, recruiters at Rustan Coffee were faced with a monumental screening exercise; with the head office wanting to add an additional 10+ stores per annum, the recruitment team knew they had to do something, and do it quickly, so they turned to SilkRoad's applicant tracking system.

  • Recruiting Metrics Matter

    How do YOU use recruiting metrics? Join us as Lisa McDougald, SilkRoad, and SilkRoad customer, Kasey Konkright of Milestone Technologies, share an objective analysis of current recruiting metrics trends and methodology in the HR industry.

  • Top 9 Ways to Get Best-Fit Talent

    Download your free copy of the latest TalentTalk Top Tips, "9 Ways to Get Best-Fit Talent," for smart strategies for recruiting talented individuals. For many positions it's not hard to find qualified candidates, but finding people who truly fit can be a lot tougher. Download today and make finding a great fit easier.

  • Building a Talent Acquisition Business Case

    Building a talent acquisition business case can seem like a daunting task. Join us as Shelly Mix, Senior Solution Consultant for SilkRoad, and former Recruiting Manager, shares her experience building a successful business case from start to finish. We'll discuss how to identify current challenges, assess the success of your current acquisition process, opportunities for improvement and examples of ROI data - all which will help you get the executive buy-in you need!

  • Going Straight to the Source

    We asked SilkRoad customers to share their data, which identifies the most effective advertising sources across multiple industries and geographies. Thomas Boyle, Director of Product Marketing for SilkRoad, will lead this fascinating discussion on how to allocate your advertising budget to attract the right talent.

  • Going Straight to the Source

    Have you ever wondered where companies find their most qualified candidates and new hires? The answer may surprise you. SilkRoad has teamed up with their customers to go straight to the source and determine the most effective sources of applicants, interviews, offers and most importantly, hires. Social recruiting and applicant tracking systems are also explored. Download this one of a kind research results paper to find out!

  • The State of Talent Management 2012: Forecast and Strategy

    Ensure 2012 is a success for your organization by arming yourself with a comprehensive analysis of the state of talent management. In this webinar, SilkRoad will share our 2011 SilkRoad Institute survey results in the areas of onboarding, performance and learning. Attendees will also take away a three-step talent management strategy for organizational success in the New Year. This is a presentation not to be missed.

  • SilkRoad + TaxBreak: How to Increase Your Bottom Line Through Employee Based Tax Credits

    Learn about more than 3500 state and federal credits that you could be eligible to receive based on your new hires. In this webinar, Shannon Scott, CEO of TaxBreak will offer both an educational perspective on employee based tax credits. In addition, Thomas Boyle, Director of Product Marketing for SilkRoad will share how to use the collection and eligibility of tax credits as a hiring parameter and the benefits of integrating TaxBreak as part of your talent management strategy.

  • Building a Workforce of Engaged Employees - Customer Webinar

    In this exciting customer webinar, we present recruiting and onboarding challenges inherent to the healthcare industry, and how these processes were streamlined through the configurability and strength of SilkRoad’s OpenHire™ and RedCarpet™ solutions.

  • Oklahoma City University - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    LifeSuite customer

  • The Toro Company - OpenHire

    OpenHire customer

  • SWBC - OpenHire

    OpenHire customer

  • Spectrum Brands - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    OpenHire customer

  • Tenneco - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    LifeSuite customer

  • Memorial Health - OpenHire & RedCarpet

    Life Suite customer

  • Trumpet Behavioral Health - OpenHire

    OpenHire Customer

  • OGE Energy Corporation - OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

  • Attract, Engage, Hire: Leveraging the Power of Social Media

    This session focused on the importance of making social media a strategic part of your talent acquisition efforts and how to leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for recruiting. Having an effective social recruiting process that allows you to connect with top talent SHOULD be part of your recruiting strategy.

  • Elkay Manufacturing

    For Elkay, SilkRoad technology's solution, OpenHire, allowed the company to keep its career portal fresh and gave them the ability to update the portal as needed.

  • Provide "Meaning" to Your Candidates and Employees Video

    Employees want more than a paycheck. 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company if they find meaning in their jobs. Engaging your employees with an extraordinary onboarding process helps them find that meaning faster.

  • SIRVA, Inc. - OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, & WingSpan

  • McLeod Health

    For OpenHire, the winning feature was its configurability. With RedCarpet onboarding management software, the overall strength of the product would allow the company to streamline onboarding.

  • Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business

    We are pleased to offer you a complimentary chapter of Socialnomics, where Erik Qualman elaborates on his ideas and shows how companies can take action and capitalize on social media while adapting to an ever-changing environment, and how that environment is shaping and improving job searching and recruiting practices. In the section of the chapter titled "You Don't Find A Job, It Finds You" Erik reveals the importance of social recruiting and how utilizing social media and social recruiting software in your talent acquisition efforts will continue to become a major driving force behind recruitment strategies.

  • The Trophy Kids Grow Up: how the millennial generation is shaking up the workplace

    In a world where our business environment is constantly evolving, SilkRoad understands the impact it has on your business and the importance of keeping up with those changes. We are pleased to offer you a complimentary chapter of Ron Alsop's book The Trophy Kids Grow Up, where Ron describes how many of these changes, such as social recruiting practices have influenced the approach that companies must take towards recruiting a new generation of professionals.

  • Sanford

    OpenHire provided Sanford with a customized career portal which gives them the ability to make changes to that portal as they see the need. Additionally the OpenHire solution provides improved communication between Sanford employees as well as between Sanford and their candidates.

  • Is Your Company Using the Power that is Social Recruiting?

    Social networking has changed the way job seekers search for jobs and how recruiters attract and recruit the right talent. You can harness the power of social networking to find talent while cutting costs.

  • netIQ

    NetIQ's recruiting director identified numerous challenges that highlighted NetIQ's need to have an enterprise recruitment software application. Recruiters felt that administrative processing was getting in the way of doing what they do best. They faced a massive influx of candidate resumes daily from several sources, ranging from emails, referrals, agencies, online job boards to NetIQ's corporate career Web site and intranet. They were spending tremendous amounts of time on administrative work - qualifying candidates, processing resumes from clogged inboxes, communicating with hiring managers, and organizing data. While vital to candidate processing, these tasks overshadowed higher level activities such as strategic planning, attracting talent, and promoting NetIQ.