Social Recruiting Software Lets You Hire Smarter, Better

Social recruiting allows you to reach applicants where they most live and breathe: In the Cloud.

You can tap into the power of social recruiting with SilkRoad Recruiting (OpenHire®) unique recruiting software designed to let you attract the best candidates, leverage workers’ social networks, and create efficiencies of time and money.


Recruiter post and share—SilkRoad’s social recruiting tools provide recruiters with the ability to post jobs and share openings with thousands of job boards and social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Craig’s List.

Apply—In addition to traditional methods candidates can use when applying for a job, SilkRoad’s social recruiting features allow candidates to apply using their LinkedIn profile, streamlining the submission process and reducing drop-off.

Connect—With SilkRoad Recruiting, candidates are able to quickly see who they know within your organization, and seamlessly connect to the right contacts.

Candidate share—With SilkRoad Recruiting, candidates and employees can share your job openings with hundreds of sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many other popular social networking sites.

We were doing $5,000 a month in ads. Now we are spending $1,000 a month and getting as many as twice the applicants.

Monica Lloyd, VP, Human Resources

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