HR Management Resources

  • Avoiding Five Landmines of Obama's Affordable Care Act

    This webinar, hosted by workplace expert Alexandra Levit and attorney Mitchel Pahl from Dwayne Morris LLP and brought to you by SilkRoad, is dedicated to helping you avoid some of the pitfalls that threaten U.S. employers, including decoding the lingo, meeting the standards, communicating the right information, navigating as a small business, and stopping your coverage.

  • Georgiou Goes with HRMS

    Georgiou is a progressive, fast-growing company, yet it needed an automated, central system to manage its workforce data across the entire business. The company sought a unified software solution that would deliver current, accurate information about its distributed workforce for strategic planning and employee development.

  • Hot Trends in Human Resource Management Systems

    Join us for this HRMS survey webinar as we uncover the results of our 2013 survey that asked hundreds HR professionals from various industries how they’re utilizing HRMS technology to improve their internal processes, simplify their HR data management, and manage open enrollment and employee benefits. Register today!

  • Top Five Tips to Surviving Open Enrollment

    Join SilkRoad and HUB International as we prepare employers for another season of open enrollment! We’ll provide key insight into the open enrollment process and highlight five key tips to help EVERY employer survive open enrolment. Register today and discover how YOU can make open enrollment a breeze at your company!

  • Georgiou Group - HRMS

    Georgiou Group experiences significant cost savings with their use of SilkRoad's HeartBeat HRMS. One report took 6 people and $28,000 to run. With HeartBeat, it took 3 seconds. Georgiou was also able to streamline their processes and get clear insight into their workforce.

  • HRMS/HRIS Software Business Case Template

    Getting executive buy-in for an HRMS system isn't easy. If you've been asked to show why you need this critical piece of software, you need a solid business case that illustrates what problems will be solved and how. We've created an easy, plug-and-play business case template just for this purpose. Download your complimentary copy today.

  • Survey Says... Name the Top Reasons You Need an HRMS Solution

    How are other companies utilizing their HRMS/HRIS solutions? The results of our recent survey will bring to light the many aspects of an HRMS system, including the most popular features, how an HRMS should integrate with other key HR functions, and the advantage of using reports generated from your core HR management system. Register today and learn how your business peers are getting the most from their HRMS solution, and how you can, too!

  • Build a Business Case for an HRMS/HRIS Solution

    You know that having a tool to centrally manage your entire HR database would significantly reduce your costs, make your day-to-day processes more efficient, and create easy integration with other HR functions, but where do you begin the process of finding the right solution to meet your needs? Join SilkRoad and Mike Brooks, of Seepex, Inc., as he shares his team’s journey through building a successful business case for an automated HRMS solution. Register now and start building your business case to effectively manage your core HR functions today!

  • Ulthera

    Given Ulthera’s fast growth and dispersed workforce, Ulthera experienced a major challenge in integrating its HR data. The company had a payroll system that the finance department did not intend to replace. In addition, an older, rudimentary quality system covered compliance requirements, but Ulthera had completely outgrown it.

  • Amyx, Inc

    Amyx prides itself on excellence and professional integrity, and the organization was searching for an HRMS that would match its quality standards for technology. The HR team and managers wanted to eliminate hours spent on administrative work—viewing spreadsheets with employee data and tracking information stored in multiple systems. What’s more, the company wanted assurance that employee data was up-to-the-minute for competitive proposals and compliance reporting.

  • Redefining Your HRMS - Half-Day Webinar Series

    Join us for our half-day webinar series comprised of three webinars covering everything you need to know around current HRMS trends, the benefits of moving away from a manual process and helpful tips to building an HRMS business case. Register today to access three webinars!

  • Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) Buyer's Kit

    Evaluating HRMS systems doesn't have to be a daunting task. Our HRMS buyer's kit provides templates and questions to ask when choosing ANY HRMS solution that's right for your organization.

  • Improving Healthcare Through Talent Management

    Healthcare reform continues to be a major media focus, but to those behind the scenes improving healthcare in the US lies in managing the talent that powers the industry. Join us as Debra Jenson and Thomas Boyle, SilkRoad Directors of Product Marketing, unite to discuss the results of a recent survey and share current healthcare HR practices and trends.

  • Fast Flicks: What Makes the HeartBeat Human Resource Management System So Awesome?

    In this SilkRoad Fast Flicks video, Tom Boyle, Director of Product Marketing, takes less than 90 seconds to talk about why SilkRoad's HeartBeat is a better human resource management system alternative - addressing the power of the SilkRoad team, ease of application use, and the overall flexibility as an HRMS solution!

  • Ulthera Inc. - HeartBeat

    HeartBeat Customer

  • The State of Talent Management 2012: Forecast and Strategy

    Ensure 2012 is a success for your organization by arming yourself with a comprehensive analysis of the state of talent management. In this webinar, SilkRoad will share our 2011 SilkRoad Institute survey results in the areas of onboarding, performance and learning. Attendees will also take away a three-step talent management strategy for organizational success in the New Year. This is a presentation not to be missed.

  • Up in the Cloud: Core HR Has Arrived

    Please join Katherine Jones, Director of Workforce Management at Bersin & Associates as she helps to dispel some of the myths around SaaS and also shares convincing industry trends around the adoption of cloud computing solutions for organization's core HR system's needs.