SilkRoad HRMS (HeartBeat® ) Manage Employee Data in One Place

OverviewSilkRoad HRMS (HeartBeat) software is an innovative, self-service HRMS that allows you to track your diverse workforce effectively and manage all of your employee data in one place.

The SilkRoad HRMS solution supports employee and manager self-service, benefits enrollments, and time-off balances and accruals. With a powerful reporting module, interfaces to payroll solutions, and standard APIs for custom integration that leverage your existing HR investments, the SilkRoad HRMS HR management software was engineered from the ground up to work in the cloud.

Unlike other HRMS Solutions on the market, SilkRoad HRMS integrates with SilkRoad’s comprehensive suite of talent management applications to bring together all aspects of the employee cycle.

Automate and Streamline Common HR Needs; Place HR Professionals in Control

  • Employee and manager self-service—The SilkRoad HRMS HR management software allows employees to access, review, and update critical HR data quickly and accurately—anytime and anywhere, from requesting time off to completing open enrollments. Manager self-service empowers managers and takes the burden off HR teams for events such as: promotions, job changes, or terminations. It also includes workflow and approval processes to notify and alert HR professionals.
  • Benefit Administration and Enrollment—Manage and administer benefit plans, launch open enrollments, track life events through Maxwell Health. Maxwell Health offers a fully automated and integrated system for managing employee benefits and streamlining the benefit enrollment process.
  • Reporting—SilkRoad HRMS offers robust reporting capabilities, with a comprehensive out-of-the-box library that includes compliance reports as well as easy-to-use drag-and-drop filtering and sorting. Exporting reports into popular formats like Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel is easy and painless.
  • Payroll—Do you like your existing payroll system but are thinking of upgrading your HR to support self-service? SilkRoad HRMS makes it easy to leverage your existing investments in HR software by integrating with some of today’s most popular payroll vendors.
  • Designed and built for Integration—Features like benefits and time off can be easily turned off or on based on client needs. HR teams can update workflow processes without IT involvement or knowledge of complex programming, putting them in control of their solution.
  • Safe and secure data—Evolved role-based security ensures that your sensitive HR data is protected, whether on the screen or in a report. Access to data is determined by a user’s role in the business, and can even take into account a user’s location.

Having something in place that can grow with us is critical. You can optimize HeartBeat HRIS software in a lot of ways that make it significantly more functional.

Stacie Mallen, Vice President of Human Resources

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