SilkRoad HRMS: Manage Employee Data in One Place


SilkRoad HRMS provides your organization a single system of record to manage employee, job and organizational data within SilkRoad Life Suite. Forget home-grown data systems and end the spreadsheet madness. 

Create records or make changes all in one place. They will propagate to all SilkRoad Life Suite modules. With SilkRoad HRMS organizations can seamlessly manage data to feed Benefits, Payroll, and PTO systems or other talent applications (see the SilkRoad Talent App Exchange).

Manage Employee Data Easily

SilkRoad HRMS gives you the ability and flexibility to manage all of your data in one secure location.

Start with the unique dashboard entry point with access to all functionality:

  • Data entry, modifications and corrections right on the screen
  • Import and export of key data including mass upload and mass updates
  • View of data over time

Rely on HRMS Security

The only thing more important than managing your data is keeping it secure. The SilkRoad HRMS provides organizations the flexibility to configure what types of data a user has access to see and what actions they can perform.

Trust HRMS Auditability

SilkRoad HRMS gives you a complete audit trail that records all changes made in the system so you know who changed what and when. You’ll have the ability to establish effective dates for key employee and company data so you can enter data that will take effect in the future or expire data fields. Each time you make a change SilkRoad HRMS verifies the changes with you before committing changes to the database.

Set Up Fast

SilkRoad HRMS comes with out of the box defaults with field configuration options to help get you up and running quickly.

Gain High Visibility

HRMS reports provide powerful reviewing tools with easy to use filters makes it easy to isolate the data organizations need. HRMS provides organizations with an exportable view of all core data. Also you can easily export filtered data to Excel for further processing.

SilkRoad HRMS Provides Key Benefits You Need

Increased productivity: Time and effort saved by automating critical HR processes.

Reduce Duplication: Consolidating HR data into a unified database lessens the chances of data duplication, allowing for easier and more accurate reporting.

Easy Access: The web-based SilkRoad HRMS provides highly secure, cloud-based architecture allows access and system updates to occur without disruption.

Reduced EEO Compliance Risk: Capture and report on all critical employee data to maintain compliance and penalties.

Improve Insight: Leverage powerful reviewing tools that filter and export desired data to provide insights for tracking trends, spotting weaknesses and areas that need corrective actions.

Improve Security: The advanced data-security technology that is built into modern HRMS software helps keep confidential information away from unauthorized eyes. This protection lessens the risk that valuable corporate data will fall into the wrong hands.

Add Core HR Functions

Benefits Administration

Maxwell Health offers a fully automated and integrated system for managing employee benefits. Maxwell Health streamlines the enrollment process with an easy shopping experience that focuses on employee lifestyle. o Supports all traditional as well as new, innovative types of benefits, like wellness programs, financial planning, and child care.

  • Pre-built integration with SilkRoad updates employee information on a nightly basis.
  • Comprehensive open enrollment process offers customizable email notifications and tasks management system.
  • My Maxwell mobile app gives employee 24/7 access to all benefits as well as mobile ID card.
  • Optional health concierge service can recommend doctors, estimate costs, answer questions about test results and billing and resolve insurance claims.
  • Interactive and configurable administrative dashboard as well as standard and custom reporting.

Paid Time Off

TimeOut (by CWS Software) simplifies time off tracking throughout the organization with web-based, fully configurable absence management. It automates processes and eliminates errors—from requesting, approving and tracking PTO to automatically updating accruals.

  • Offers flexible configuration that can match any company-specific leave policies and business rules.
  • Comprehensive self-service model allows employees and managers to view current, past or future balances, request and cancel time off, and view responses.
  • Configurable calendar views allow for easy inquiries and quick decision making.
  • Pre-built integration with SilkRoad updates employee information on a nightly basis.


SilkRoad HRMS has pre-built integrations with ADP Workforce Now, ADP Pay eXpert, and Paychex. Additional payroll providers will be supported in the future based on demand and scope of work.