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  • Lurie Children's Hospital

    When the hospital decided to move out of its 130-year old building and into a new facility, executives realized that training would become a top priority to ensure a smooth, safe transition. More than double the size of the old facility, the new hospital featured a different design, layout and configuration which meant each employee had to learn floor plans, new equipment and more.

  • Learning Engagement - Levin Furniture

    Levin Furniture progressed from a classroom style learning environment to automated training with SilkRoad Learning. The change was sparked by high travel costs and an overall lack of ongoing employee engagement with the classroom environment. Levin Furniture wanted to provide a blend of mandatory training and ongoing voluntary training to foster employee engagement and increase overall career satisfaction.

  • BenefitMall Succeeds with SilkRoad Learning

    BenefitMall provides a self-service portal for brokers to obtain insurance quotes for their clients. Even with the system’s self- service features, the company faced an ongoing challenge: brokers called their BenefitMall sales reps to run the quotes. “Instead of establishing or growing relationships, our salespeople were spending a lot of time running quotes for brokers,” says Audrenia Graham, BenefitMall’s director of HR. “We had a very clear goal—get sales people back to selling.” To achieve that goal, the company planned for an upgrade to the portal and decided a new approach to training was needed.

  • Bringing the Excitement Back to Your Learning Programs

    In this customer spotlight webinar we’ll discuss how Levin Furniture created a customized and blended training program specific to each role and were able to create a learning environment at work or at home, should the employee choose that. In addition, we’ll discuss how to create and maintain training environments in remote locations to keep employees engaged and excited.

  • Lord Fairfax Uses SilkRoad Onboarding

    Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) serves residents of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont regions. The institution includes three campuses, 18,000 students, and nearly 1,000 employees. “We’ve received multiple recognitions for being a great place to work,” says Karen Foreman, MSHRM, the college’s Director of Human Resources. “That helps us attract talented people.” Onboarding processes needed to deliver on that experience. When Foreman joined the institution, onboarding was little more than a 30-page packet of forms and materials. While HR had a checklist and timeline for forms completion, most often individual follow-up was required. Her first step was to design complete onboarding processes to accommodate six employee classifications. Then they sought a tool that could make it all real. “As soon as we saw the SilkRoad demo, we knew it was exactly what we needed,” she says.

  • Measuring Leadership Development

    Leadership development is one of the driving forces behind strong organizational performance. However, when executives look to run their organizations leaner, they view it as a luxury. Now, Measuring Leadership Development gives talent managers a full toolkit for presenting their leadership development programs in terms of identifiable business benefits, including—for the first time—an accurate bottom line for return on investment in the program.

  • Customer Webinar Series: The Impact of Automation on Employee Training and Success

    Join us for this FREE TalentTalk webinar where SilkRoad customer Alysa Hartman of LCS gives attendees an inside look at how GreenLight’s automated learning management capabilities have increased employee engagement and improved overall performance. Register today!

  • Fairfield Residential - GreenLight

    Fairfield Residential moved from a paper-based to a completely automated learning management system with SilkRoad's GreenLight. Their users love the system and implementation was flawless.

  • Fairfield Residential - GreenLight

    After implementing SilkRoad's GreenLight learning management system, Fairfield Residential now has a very flexible system in place that can be configured to their unique needs.

  • Fairfield Residential - GreenLight

    With SilkRoad's GreenLight learning management system, Fairfield Residential has saved a considerable amount of time on reporting and all other tasks related to managing the learning process.

  • Shurtech Brands, LLC - GreenLight

    Shurtech Brands uses SilkRoad's GreenLight learning management solution to automate all employee training activities. They've found the solution to be easy-to-use and intuitive with all employees embracing the system. Painless implementation also made the process simple on HR.

  • Shurtech Brands, LLC - GreenLight

    Shurtech Brands is able to give employees clear development plans and transparency into their information with SilkRoad's GreenLight learning management system.

  • The Journey To Improved, Automated Talent Development

    The journey to an effective talent development process requires the use of automated technology and a focus on pairing performance and learning management. Join SilkRoad as Suzanne Niforos, of Lee County Electric Cooperative, shares the story of her company’s journey through the headaches of a paper-based system and their adoption of a seamless, improved, and automated process for developing and growing their talent. Register now!

  • Learning Management Software Business Case Template

    Is your manual learning management process expensive and having a negative affect on compliance, productivity, and employee motivation? Have you been asked to present the value of an automated learning solution but you don't know where to start? If so, we've got just what you need! We've created an easy, plug-and-play business case template, complete with sample text, to make this often overwhelming task a bit easier. Download your complimentary business case template today.

  • The Path to Mobile Learning

    Businesses who leverage mobile learning provide additional avenues for employee growth and build on existing talent development initiatives to truly engage their employees. Join us for this webinar, as Tina Woita and Cindy Riddle take attendees on a journey through SilkRoad’s own path of implementing mobile learning. They will provide key steps to a successful mobile learning initiative at your company.

  • Combine Performance and Learning for Higher Impact Employee Development

    Combine your learning and performance management tools to maximize your company’s ability to develop talent and ensure a successful future. Join us to learn how SilkRoad is linking automated performance and learning management to put your company on the fast track to a high-impact talent development culture.

  • A Snapshot of Social Learning

    How are companies just like yours utilizing social learning technology? Join us for the results of our 2013 Learning Survey! We'll share the results and provide attendees with key insight on how other companies are using these technologies to their advantage, measuring their learning successes, and taking advantage of social learning tools to improve employee engagement and increase performance. Register now and join us to find out how your company's learning initiatives measure up!

  • Technology In a Compliance-Driven Workforce

    The word “compliance” strikes fear into the hearts of millions of HR professionals on a daily basis! Maintaining compliance regulations can be a costly--and time-consuming endeavor--so we asked industry professionals how they’re currently managing their compliance efforts. Join us as Thomas Boyle of SilkRoad presents and analyzes the results of our 2013 compliance survey. Attendees will better understand the current state of compliance standards throughout the workforce, and take away valuable insight on how technology is improving compliance efforts for businesses of every size and on all fronts. Register now!

  • The Real Value of Training

    Take your training ROI to a new level of credibility! With The Real Value of Training, you have everything you need to verify that your training solution is directly aligned with business strategy and to determine and communicate its ultimate value to the organization.

  • Social Mobile Learning

    Change is happening again. As social media and mobile device quickly become parts of our daily life. More than one third of global workers will be mobile workers by the end of 2013 ... here are some facts you should know.

  • #SocialLearning: Transform Your Culture

    Providing employees with an environment where they can drive engagement can enable your company to find out who your true performers are, and the ability to measure these processes and find the value of social learning is icing on the cake! Join SilkRoad and KnowledgeAdvisors for this informative webinar on everything social learning and find out how your company can drive engagement and enable employees to build their own influence with their peers.

  • ASTD TechKnowledge 2013

    Join us at ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 in San Jose, California from January 30th through February 1st. Stop by booth 310 and visit with our SilkRoad representatives to get more information on our Life Suite of social talent management solutions.

  • Making the LMS Switch in the Mid-Market

    The recent increase in adoption of learning management systems has lead to an increase in the need to improve, upgrade, and often replace LMS platforms. In recent research, Brandon Hall Group found that nearly half of all organizations with an LMS were planning to upgrade or replace their system. This trend is especially evident in the mid-market where over 89% of organizations have an LMS in place, however only half of those companies are happy with their current solution. With a large number of companies in the market to update or replace systems, SilkRoad and Brandon Hall Group are offering you a complimentary copy of a research brief that outlines key steps and considerations to make the process much less daunting. Download your copy today.

  • High Sierra Industries

    High Sierra Industries needed to sustain and motivate its workforce with continuous learning oppotunities, as well as ensure accurate data for compliance reporting. Yet the organization had undergone a rapid, strategic expansion and had clearly outgrown its learning solution, a component of an older HR system: The software lacked basic capabilities for registering, tracking, and reporting training activity. As a result, employees spent time shuffling paper forms for approval that managers signed off manually.

  • Leverage Your LMS to Train Your Extended Enterprise

    Delivering training to people outside of the organization presents unique challenges; tailored content and messaging for each audience, ease of access, maintaining costs, and timeliness are just a few of these challenges. During this webinar, Chris Lennon and Tina Woita will share how using SilkRoad’s GreenLight learning solution can create a unique learning experience for each audience while driving down costs.

  • Lee County Electric Cooperative GreenLight & WingSpan

    GreenLight & WingSpan customer

  • Alaska Airlines - GreenLight

    SilkRoad's GreenLight helps Alaska Airlines centralize and streamline their learning programs. The FAA has also approved GreenLight in several Alaska Airlines divisions for elecronic record keeping. The GreenLight learning management system has also given the organization the ability to pull all legacy and current training into one system.

  • Alaska Airlines - GreenLight

    Alaska Airlines uses SilkRoad's GreenLight learning management system to streamline all corporate learning. Employees are able to see all of their own training progress which has increased employee engagement. Over 2000 pilots are also accessing the system from mobile devices for distance learning.

  • Learning Management Software (LMS) Buyer's Kit

    Choosing the right learning management software for your company isn’t easy -- and it's a big decision. That's precisely why we created a buyer's kit consisting of key questions you should ask when evaluating ANY learning software solution.

  • Fast Flicks: How Can a Learning Management System Transform the Life of an Employee?

    In this SilkRoad Fast Flicks video, Chris Lennon, a Learning Management expert with 15+ years of experience in the space, takes less than 90 seconds to explain how a learning management system can transform the lives of both training administrators, as well as, other employees in your organization.

  • Improving Healthcare Through Talent Management

    Healthcare reform continues to be a major media focus, but to those behind the scenes improving healthcare in the US lies in managing the talent that powers the industry. Join us as Debra Jenson and Thomas Boyle, SilkRoad Directors of Product Marketing, unite to discuss the results of a recent survey and share current healthcare HR practices and trends.

  • Inspiring Physicians to Learn Online

    Who said classroom learning is more effective in healthcare organizations? Join us as Newton Moore, Director for Learning Technologies at Lurie Children's Hospital, discusses the transition Lurie Children’s made from classroom learning to a blended learning approach, which utilizes SilkRoad’s GreenLight e-learning for their physicians. Register today!

  • Top 8 Ways to Reduce Training Costs

    Download your free copy of the latest TalentTalk Top Tips, "Top 8 Ways to Reduce Training Costs," to learn how you enhance training while cutting costs. These tips focus on finding ways to deliver more learning while satisfying any CFO's desire to spend less. Download today and make a positive impact on the bottom line.

  • Gauging Compliance Across Learning & Development

    Staying in compliance can be stressful. Join us for this discussion focusing on organizations compliance concerns as they relate to corporate learning programs. Attendees will learn the results of a recent Learning and Compliance survey conducted by a third party on behalf of SilkRoad and possible steps and solutions to help manage and meet your own organizations compliance requirements.

  • Social Learning Tips & Trends

    According to a recent report from, total expenditures in training are on the rise. The amount spent on training jumped about 13% from 2010, including increases in overall training budgets and payroll, and spending on outside products and services. An emerging component of these programs is social learning. Please join us for a discussion about what social learning is, how it can be incorporated into training programs and what place social games can play in the future of learning.

  • McLeod Health

    McLeod attended a local HR conference and saw a demonstration of GreenLight, SilkRoad’s learning management system (LMS). After seeing the demo, they decided to investigate further and looked at other learning management system solution providers. McLeod felt GreenLight was best suited for their needs; they were especially impressed with the full range of solutions offered with SilkRoad’s Life Suite and the synergistic capabilities between GreenLight and WingSpan, SilkRoad's performance management solution. Additionally, because McLeod Health employs a large number of Hispanic employees; they required a learning management solution that could translate their courses into Spanish, a task currently being done manually by a respiratory therapist. McLeod Health was thrilled when they realized GreenLight could perform these translations for them. McLeod Health decided to give GreenLight the "green light" and proceeded with implementation.

  • The State of Talent Management 2012: Forecast and Strategy

    Ensure 2012 is a success for your organization by arming yourself with a comprehensive analysis of the state of talent management. In this webinar, SilkRoad will share our 2011 SilkRoad Institute survey results in the areas of onboarding, performance and learning. Attendees will also take away a three-step talent management strategy for organizational success in the New Year. This is a presentation not to be missed.

  • The Value of Integrating Learning and Talent Management - Webinar

    Join us as Dr.Katherine Jones, Director of Workforce Management, Bersin & Associates analyzes recent Bersin research which focused on the value of learning and talent management integrations. This webinar will also take a look at the ramifications to such integration and current trends that include the merging of standalone markets, ultimately leading to one encompassing talent management system.

  • VMS

    Being in a highly regulated industry, VMS needed to move away from a manual process to a one-stop automated program to manage compliance and track training and complex policies. SilkRoad's learning management software, GreenLight has allowed them to develop individual training plans for employees, track courses completed and provide compliance reports to their clients, all in a paperless environment.

  • Michael Moskowitz - A Practical Guide to Training and Development: Assess, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate

    In A Practical Guide to Training and Development, author Michael Moskowitz provides a solid foundation of the entire training process through a comprehensive look at effective processes and best practices.

    Enjoy your free chapter from Michael's book, “In the Beginning," where you’ll be introduced to the foundation of training and development and gain valuable insight on how to evaluate your company’s current efforts, things you can do to improve your training processes & employee learning management, and guidelines for creating an effective training and development environment to maximize employee performance!

    Download your free chapter today!

  • Pillars for Performance: Integrating Learning and Talent Management

    In this enlightening research bulletin, Bersin & Associates demonstrates that organizations which are highly effective at integrating performance management along with their learning and development (L&D) were three times more likely to have strong employee results. For additional information around the value of learning and talent management integration, including the rapid development of merging standalone markets download this complimentary bulletin today!

  • OGE Energy Corporation - OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

    Life Suite Customer: OpenHire, RedCarpet, GreenLight & WingSpan

  • Lifestyle Family Fitness - GreenLight

    GreenLight Customer

  • Lessons Learned: How to Prepare for your LMS

    This insightful webinar presented by Jennifer Harris, Training Systems Coordinator, Enbridge Inc. as she discusses her experience in purchasing and implementing an LMS. Attendees will take away a greater understanding of how and what to assess to best configure an LMS to meet their needs.

  • Compliance Training is Ruining My Business!

    Presented by Chief Learning Officer Magazine, this webinar discusses why staying in compliance with a regulatory agency is stressful. It requires a level of attention to detail that is difficult, time-consuming and stressful. This session will walk through real-world examples of organizations like yours that rely on training to stay in compliance. You'll see what steps they take to remain compliant and identify areas of concern.

  • GenProbe

    Prior to adding the learning management system to manage the learning process, Gen- Probe had more than 50 employees who devoted a portion of their time to help track and manage the company's training records. With the launch of the LMS, these people have turned their attention to more critical tasks, and Gen-Probe now has only one LMS administrator.

  • Automating Compliance Based Training Webinar

    Is your company in compliance? If you were audited tomorrow, would you pass? Are you in a highly regulated industry where compliance is key to survival? Keeping your employees compliant with up-to-date and accurate training records can be overwhelming. Register today to learn how automating compliance-based training can be done quickly and efficiently with the right tools and knowledge how to leverage them effectively.

  • International Paper

    With GreenLight, Silkroad's learning management system,International Paper has saved time in course creation and made it easier for developers throughout the organization to find source material for courses, as they are needed.