High Performing Companies Thrive on Focused Employee Development

LMSMaking sure employees receive the training they need is critical to your productivity. SilkRoad Learning (GreenLight), an award-winning Learning Management System, drives your strategic talent initiatives by developing talent in an engaging format while saving time, reducing costs, and reinforcing compliance.

The SilkRoad Learning LMS is accessible anytime, anywhere; Easy-to-use, it offers dynamic learning catalogs that are customizable to reflect employees’ specific training demands.

With the SilkRoad Learning LMS software, you:

  • Lower risks of compliance breach—HR professionals and line managers can manage, track, and report on each employee’s training and development. They are able to assign and approve employee learning, monitor progress, and proactively provide due-date notifications to ensure compliance.
  • Lower training costs—SilkRoad Learning LMS software gives you the flexibility to create and manage virtual training events, reducing the needs for classroom-filled sessions. Reporting comes directly from the central software, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.
  • Facilitate employee training—your employees can browse learning opportunities, enroll and attend courses online, complete assessments, view learning plans and transcripts, all from an intuitive, visually-enticing portal.

Benefits include:

  • Maximization of results by delivering highly-targeted training focused on strategic initiatives 
  • Easy configuration and personalization to fit your brand  
  • Easy-to-start use through integration with your existing content
  • Driving consistency with integrated online and classroom training through central administration

SilkRoad’s GreenLight learning management system has allowed us to connect the dots and show that the numbers of employees who go through the training are able to generate substantially more revenue in the first six months of employment.

Leslie Daley, Vice President of Team Services

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