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    Amyx, Inc. Selects SilkRoad’s HRMS to Centralize Core HR

    SilkRoad Also Chosen by Amyx for Recruiting, Onboarding and Performance Management for an Integrated Talent Management Solution

    Amyx, Inc. (Amyx) has selected leading provider of social talent management solutions, SilkRoad Technology, Inc., to centralize its core HR functions and streamline its talent management processes.  Amyx has chosen HeartBeat for its HRMS and selected WingSpan for performance management, OpenHire for recruitment management and RedCarpet for onboarding management.  HeartBeat’s scalability and intuitive design can more effectively support Amyx’s current employees on a platform that can accommodate the growing company.

    Amyx is a management and technical consulting firm servicing federal defense, civilian and intelligence customers.  Since its employees work around the country, the Company required a core HR solution to automate its HR functions and streamline payroll, benefits and reporting.  Amyx selected HeartBeat, SilkRoad’s HRMS to provide a centralized, self-service platform HR managers can use to automate time-consuming processes and employees can use to manage their own HR information anytime from anywhere.

    “When searching for an HRMS provider, we were particularly impressed with HeartBeat’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface,” said Colleen Monaghan, Human Resources Manager of Amyx.  “It is difficult enough having to train the entire company on a new system, but if the system is not intuitive, it would be a lost cause.  Our employees quickly learned how to navigate HeartBeat and its self-service features, enabling them to quickly find the information they need and input data for their own records.  This allowed HR to immediately reduce the amount of time and money it cost them to manage these processes manually.”

    In addition to HeartBeat, Amyx also selected SilkRoad to integrate its recruiting, onboarding and performance management functions for an integrated talent management solution.  SilkRoad’s cloud-based solutions help companies build a self-motivating culture by giving employees the tools they need to drive their own careers.  OpenHire offers easy-to-use applicant tracking software to help find qualified, quality candidates through time-saving applicant screening, searching, and matching tools, while RedCarpet creates a personalized onboarding experience that will engage employees and get them productive from day one.  WingSpan enables companies to identify talent, set goals and identify future leaders.

    “With a growing workforce located around the country, managing core HR functions can be cost prohibitive for small businesses like Amyx,” said Flip Filipowski, chairman and CEO of SilkRoad.  “Today’s HR leaders need to focus on strategic initiatives and not burdensome administrative tasks.  This is even more important at SMBs where growing pains are felt the most by HR.  HeartBeat is the only HRMS designed specifically for the SMB – and the only one that will grow with them.”

    Amyx, Inc.

    Amyx, Inc. is a financially strong ISO 9001-2008 certified and CMMI(r)-DEV Level 3 Appraised small business founded in 1999 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia.  Amyx provides reliable and responsive business management and information technology solutions which help to improve a Federal Government Agency's efficiency and effectiveness in today's rapidly changing global marketplace. By developing and forming a trusted partnership with our customers from the beginning of a project, Amyx can confidently ensure seamless project performance from the initial planning stages through full implementation and sustainment. Amyx does this by applying a proprietary program and project management methodology in which we define our customers precise business need; design an appropriate program implementation strategy built on sound management, technology, metrics, and quality loop components; and, ultimately, develop and deliver a solution which fulfills the requirement. Amyx also understands that such an implementation, in some cases, requires cultural change. We possess the corporate resources and capabilities to facilitate this change and prepare a customers organization for a new business environment, particularly those which entail technology enhancements. For more information, please visit http://www.amyx.com.

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