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    SilkRoad Announces General Availability of Point

    Social Talent Management Solution Enables Organizations to Identify Centers of Influence

    SilkRoad Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based social talent management solutions, today announced the general availability of Point.  The employee-centric social talent management solution connects employees to each other and their organization by uniting the popular features of social networking with talent management.  SilkRoad Point gives employees the forum they need to share expertise and be recognized by peers and leaders while simultaneously helping companies to better understand what and who is driving their business.  SilkRoad Life Suite customers Clear Channel Communications, Inc. and Northwestern Michigan College are among the first to implement Point.

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    “Our research shows that organizations which adopt peer-to-peer learning, recognition, and knowledge sharing dramatically outperform their peers in customer service, time to market, and employee engagement,' said Josh Bersin, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bersin & Associates, the leading provider of research-based HR best practices that drive business results.  'SilkRoad Point represents a new breed of consumer-like social talent tools that organizations can use to easily leverage the power of social connections in corporate learning, collaboration, and project management.'

    Employers often have a limited view of what employees are actually doing as job descriptions and performance reviews don’t always accurately depict employees’ knowledge and contributions across the organization.  With Point, organizations can increase knowledge and insight through the use of social collaboration and learning.  Employees identify centers of influence by contributor, content and topic. As a result, organizations create a self-motivating culture where employees can be identified and recognized for their influence and recognize others for their contributions.

    “HR has struggled to understand how knowledge and information flows across the organization,” said Lisa Rowan, Program Director for HR, Learning, and Talent Management Strategies, IDC.  “With Point, organizations now have the ability to reveal not only the connections between its employees but the meaning behind them and how it impacts the company. Point enables companies to share goals, inspire innovation, and increase efficiency to drive organizational change and success.”

    Features include:

    • People and Connections – Increase collaboration and connections to share links, files, questions, photos, polls, announcements and feedback across the organization.
    • Groups Connect people with like interests by creating Groups.  Groups can be used to align a team around a particular topic or set of goals encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration.
    • Content Share content in the form of articles, thoughts, Q&A and files by posting on either a personal landing page or a group home page.  Comment, reply and discuss to build better solutions through collaboration.
    • Points and Influence – Tag topics with a ‘Point’ to help categorize content for more efficient search strategies.  By identifying Points, which can include thoughts, documents, files, etc., influential content and its author(s) will emerge.   
    • Integrated Learning Platform Allow users to easily access and manage their learning plans directly from Point.  Informal social learning supplements the knowledge gained by the learning programs found in GreenLight.

    “With Point, we’ve closed the gap between social networking and talent management by converging them together to drive even higher levels of employee engagement and performance,” said Brian Platz, COO of SilkRoad.  “Using Point, companies can more easily encourage and increase knowledge sharing for greater productivity, innovation and collaboration.  Organizations are enabled to better engage and retain employees using social networking features already familiar to employees while decreasing risks with greater insights into strategic workforce planning.”

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