Media Kit

In addition to our media kit you will also find an archive of past press releases to learn how the evolving story of SilkRoad is continuing to grow.

OpenHire Brochure
OpenHire’s automated system allows recruiters, hiring managers and human resources personnel to focus on core recruiting activities while minimizing costs and administrative processing. Download brochure.
Case Study
“Thanks to OpenHire, our risk level regarding compliance has been dramatically reduced. We have totally accurate, up- to-the-second reports on our recruiting and hiring.” Download case study.
RedCarpet Brochure
RedCarpet provides tools for onboarding, offboarding and every life event in between. RedCarpet begins the onboarding process as soon as an offer is accepted by a candidate, allowing for a smooth transition into the company. Download brochure.
Case Study
“With any acquisition, the biggest challenge is bringing two cultures together and getting all the new employees up to speed as quickly as possible. This was a large task. We hired around 1000 people, in total, in the previous year. Now we were tasked with essentially hiring the same amount of people in one day, as we did in an entire year.” Download case study.
WingSpan Brochure
WingSpan provides performance management solutions to measure, align and grow talent within your organization. Download brochure.
Case Study
“After WingSpan implementation, employee satisfaction increased: More than 90 percent of employees say they are satisfied with the review process and believe WingSpan is a valuable work tool.” Download case study.
GreenLight Brochure
GreenLight allows you to achieve a flexible and adaptable solution to meet the training needs of any organization. Download brochure.
Case Study
The support from SilkRoad is fabulous for new users. With LinkedIn user groups, “Mondays with SilkRoad” training webinars, and an actual human answering the support line; we really felt supported and appreciate this level of customer service.  Download case study.
HeartBeat Brochure
HeartBeat provides a centralized platform to securely handle all HR information and easily integrate with other employee benefit administration software. Download brochure.
Case Study
"Speedy decision making is crucial in our business. SilkRoad HeartBeat enables us to move as quickly as the markets do: With our integrated HRMS, custom reports and accurate real-time data for strategic planning are right at our fingertips." Download case study.
Point Brochure
Point connects employees to each other and their organization by uniting the popular features of social collaboration with talent management. Download brochure.
Life Suite Case Study
“We had a lot of preplanning and opportunity to really pick the best of the best. SilkRoad has definitely offered that.” Download case study.


SilkRoad Brand Identity

SilkRoad Brand Identity details are available through this link. This site includes logo files, color values, and guidelines which should be followed to help maintain the consistency and impact of the SilkRoad Brand.SilkRoad Brand Identity


For media inquiries, please contact:

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