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Faster time to productivity

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Longer retention

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Better business outcomes

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Source and Hire Candidates Faster

Effective recruiting starts here. Activate candidates from job searchers to new hires faster with SilkRoad. Go from requisition to “yes!” and reduce your recruiting time and cost 80% or more.

Onboard New Hires for Long Term Success

World-class Onboarding from SilkRoad activates and transforms new hires into high-performers – even before day-one. Your hiring investment pays off in an engaged and committed workforce focused on business outcomes.

Activate Employee Performance

SilkRoad Agile Performance offers the simple alternative to traditional performance management with easy-to-use apps for Check-ins, Goals, and Reviews. Create a culture of conversation and improve productivity and engagement.

Activate Employee Development with Learning

Put learning sessions and courses where employees want them – mobile, desktop, wherever. Learning improves engagement at every point in the employee journey.

Engage Employees through Every Step of the Journey

Our customers know that their employees never stand still – whether they’re moving forward with promotions, transfers, new roles, taking family leave or relocating to an office in another country – now you can engage with the entire journey and ensure higher productivity before and after each event.

Engage Your Contingent Workforce, Too

Today’s workforce goes beyond full or part-time employees. SilkRoad helps you include, engage and activate non-payroll workers, too – the contractors, consultants, freelancers, students, interns, and even vendor partners – the talented people who help your business achieve its goals and who need to be just as engaged as employees.

Talent Activation

“. . expand the scope of HR technology beyond the HR team with experiences, apps, and analytics that empower HR to drive tangible business outcomes, engage employees more extensively, and support the C-suite with actionable insights.”

Kyle Lagunas
Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

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